A tale of two: Matchbox & Majorette Jaguar F Types…

I am not too keen on “Who wore it better?” posts.  Comparing a model from one brand vs. the same from another is almost never fair.  There are the obvious pairs that don’t merit comparison, like a Hot Wheels and Tomica Limited Vintage, for example.  And there are some that are similar in many ways, but differences in approach make one appeal to some while the other appeals to a different group.

That is the case with Majorette and Matchbox.  Majorette is probably more comparable to Matchbox 20 years ago.  As costs and brand direction changed, Majorette stuck to features and their price went up.  Matchbox at Mattel has stuck to a price point and innovated within those cost limitations.

So while there are a lot of similarities, there are too many differences to do a fair comparison.  And not because one is obviously better than the other.  In the case of the Jaguar F-Types we are showing today, some of you will love the play value of the Majorette, while others will like the silhouette and shape of the Matchbox.

But since these two orange Jags have been released within a few months of each other, why not put them together?  You are welcome to tell us which one you prefer, but I would rather not do a poll or anything like that.  Both are pretty cool.

Ultimately, I am so happy to see all the goodness coming from Majorette.  Anytime I do a Majorette feature, I get the question about whether or not they will come to the US.  I know there is interest, and having talked to many of the folks in charge, I know there is effort.  Knowing that the price point would be much higher than Hot Wheels and Matchbox does scare me in terms of overall sales, but if there is a smaller collector-aimed distribution, it could work.  It appears there is a lot of interest among collectors.  Their focus on current cars, rally cars, and sports cars fills a nice niche here.

And their Jag is fantastic.  The F-Type is a premium release, so that means an opening feature – in this case the doors – and full detail.  The black grill and side details is an obvious step up from the Matchbox.  And for you play value guys, the opening doors and shocks will surely move it ahead as well.

But here is where I get into my personal preference.  Back when I was a kid, I did like the shocks on my Matchbox models, but I didn’t like the opening doors.  Opening doors create gaps, and it bothered me that the doors didn’t look flush when the car was on display.  Future collector nerd, right?

On some of the models the shocks bothered me too.  Many times the gap between the wheels and body was too wide, in order to account for the space needed for the shocks.  They made the car roll smooth, but the side profile was a little off.

So for me, I like the lower ride height and more realistic proportions of today’s Hot Wheels and Matchbox models.  And that goes for the Matchbox Jag as well.  It does fall short in the deco department, and I like the orange color and black wheels used on the Majorette better as well.

But you know me.  All is good in Lamley Land, and I am thrilled to have both.


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13 Replies to “A tale of two: Matchbox & Majorette Jaguar F Types…”

  1. I have the Majorette and the black Matchbox to compare (the orange one hasn't appeared yet overseas). And ofcourse you put them next to eachother and make a judgement. But there is no winner because both are very fine models. If there comes a Welly or so I would collect it to. So no need to compare just enjoy them all.

  2. For me Majorette is a winner, Matchbox just looks unfinished.
    And as always, there is this cost nonsense. Well, in Europe, Mattel production is at the same price range as Majorette.
    I went to one retailer couple of days ago, and was surprised to see that Majorette cost €2, as Matchbox price was €2.49. Hear that Mattel? Full tampos, great detailing, opening parts, no plastic and no generic crap, AT THE LOWER PRICE!

  3. \knowing the guys at Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Centre Whitley, they get to see some of teh models before release, and they ALL prefer the Majorette version, all because it was far easier to deal with the brand than Mattel, and the fact that Majorette has huge plans for JLR over the coming couple of years, again, because it is far easier to deal with Majorette.

    You get what you give, and they have treated JLR with respect and dignity, and in return they have gotten more than we can expect to see in 2017, also, their freedom and friendliness got them McLaren and Bentley amongst others, i would rather have a good Majorette than a good MBX

  4. agree with your statement, i have both colour version of land rover estoque (orange and blue) from majorette, comparing with matchbox version, the MJ version stand very shine with sharp details com pare with mbx

  5. Lovely details on the Majorette F-type, but… they turned it into an SUV coupe.

    Besides, the grille on the MBX isn't anything that can be considered unsolvable.

    Either way… I'll keep my verdict to myself, and instead wait for the rally cars. THOSE ones I'd be getting.

  6. Majorette is the best,as long as they keep doing cars with opening parts and have that non metallic paint and the best thing ,the suspensions are great.
    the wheels are not so cool comparing to matchbox and the diversity of the cars,only real cars and that's it,but other than that, as a single car comparison majorette rules.second place of course matchbox,or…this new Tomica limited vintage stuff?

  7. IN the old AIM days there was a column of compare and contrast where similar models were put up against each other. I do this all the time. John, you and I agree on many points. I am not a fan of the opening door gaps and high stance on the Majorette. But I do love they added the B pillar and window trim. Plus I like the hard top over the clear roof. These areas on the MB show how it was cost reduced. Plus the lack of tampos on the MB hurt the over all look. I do wish we could see this in a high end series all gussied up.

  8. It's funny, because I was the same way when I was a kid. I didn't care too much for opening doors for that same reason, but I didn't like the suspensions either. It's interesting how the Majorette can have more detail, but still look cheaper tho….

    Don't get me wrong now, I'm not the biggest fan of the clear roof on the Matchbox. But at least you have a better view of the interior, so that's cool. No grille tampo is no big deal for me though; you can always paint that grille if you really want to. Yeah, it's a Matchbox model, but for only 1 dollar, and Mattel's recent bean-counting ways, you have to expect to get what you pay for nowadays.

  9. Can't get past the stance of the Majorette. Rides too high, wheels are too skinny. Matchbox all the way for me.
    Not a fan of opening parts, they never fit right and make the over look a bit shambolic.

  10. Can't get past the stance of the Majorette. Rides too high, wheels are too skinny. Matchbox all the way for me.
    Not a fan of opening parts, they never fit right and make the over look a bit shambolic.

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