Oh my! Matchbox unveils the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Toy Fair exclusive…

This little number just debuted on Instagram, and yeah, Mercedes is back with a storm.


The Matchbox Team unveiled this year’s Toy Fair model, and wow, how far have we come since the Dump Dozer a few years ago?

Just a reminder, the Toy Fair is an in-house Mattel event, where the different Mattel brands preview their upcoming products to retailers.  Toy Fair is happening at Mattel headquarters over the next few weeks, and each brand has an exclusive toy to give to attendees.  This year Matchbox will be giving this special 6×6 away.

As promised in their post, we will be doing a special in-depth look at this model, so stay tuned…

And for good measure, they unveiled this 2017 Batch A beauty as well:


5 Replies to “Oh my! Matchbox unveils the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Toy Fair exclusive…”

  1. It's great to see the SLR McLaren back! Such a fine looking car for sure! Looks like and airplane with street tires! I don't even care if it's looks like the first edition! I'm just glad to know that I can possibly find this again, this time mint in the package! I regret opening my first edition years ago. Those things are worth some online, so this one will be up there too!

  2. Two epic Mercs to start the day! I love, love, love the SLR! One of the highlight castings from the Golden Era of Matchbox. Very happy to see it back. And I would be even more happy if they do the blue 5-pack version they were planning to do in 2011.

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