The stunning Matchbox Skyline Customs are rolling in…

This is gonna be fun.

September has arrived, which is the month the Matchbox Team asked the 15 winners of the Matchbox Custom Contest to send back their custom Nissan Skylines.

If you remember, earlier this summer Matchbox held a custom contest on Instagram, and picked 15 winners to receive their own raw example of the yet-to-be-released Nissan Skyline to customize and be displayed at an upcoming event.

The winners were picked and announced at the Gathering, the raw models sent out, and now they are starting to return.  And holy cow.

Many of the artists themselves have posted their creations, and so has Matchbox as the customs have arrived.  And I will repost them here as they do.

I have said before that I am in awe of what some of you can do with these little cars, and these Skyline submissions are proof.  Not only are they stunning from a technical perspective, but from a creativity perspective as well.  It is amazing that someone can look at the raw Skyline and envision something so different and creative, let alone execute that plan.

So here are some of the 15 that have arrived.  More to come, and we will definitely show them here as Matchbox unveils them on the @matchboxworld feed on Instagram.

In the meantime, look for the big announcement on where these will appear soon.  It’s going to be a very exciting month…




A photo posted by @matchboxworld on Sep 1, 2016 at 4:06pm PDT



4 Replies to “The stunning Matchbox Skyline Customs are rolling in…”

  1. These customs are amazing. Especially love the police car. With the choice of wheels, it can almost pass for vintage Tomica fare.

    That said — the model casting itself — while I generally do love it and am happy to have it, is anyone else perturbed by the super thick A-pillars and mile-wide window molding?

  2. I'm just happy it exists – now hopefully the Matchbox distribution team can be convinced that sales are low only because people can't find their product, or enough of their product.

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