Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2016 Matchbox K Case…

Our rush to the end of the 2016 diecast year continues.

I will open a Hot Wheels Q Case tomorrow, which will be it for Hot Wheels, and we are now two cases away from the end of Matchbox with the opening of this K Case.  2017 is so much in our minds how that I accidentally used 2017 in the title of the video.  Drat.

But, here it is, the K Case as provided by our friends at A&J Toys.  Model showcases coming to YouTube and the blog soon:

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  1. Such a shame that Mattel are pulling Matchbox out of it's true birthplace the UK as from 2017. Ah well. Farewell Matchbox. I guess Mattel don't want the brand to grow bigger than hot wheels.

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