JNC previews the 2017 Hot Wheels Fairlady 2000…

photo credit: Japanese Nostalgic Car

I was very happy to see this on Japanese Nostalgic Car this morning.  Because first, you knew this preview was coming, and I have been very excited to see the Fairlady 2000 up-close.  And second, my day went completely haywire yesterday – ER visits are never fun – and I didn’t have anything to post today.  This more than suffices.  And wow, what a model.

So head over to JNC for all the pics and some very interesting details on what inspired it and how it was made:

MINICARS: 2017 Hot Wheels X JNC Nissan Fairlady 2000

9 Replies to “JNC previews the 2017 Hot Wheels Fairlady 2000…”

  1. Sorry, but I seriously don't understand how this is a great model. I mean look at the original car in the picture. I understand this is a modded version, but HW is making all japanese nostalgic cars look like 4×4 with those huge flared wheel wells. There is no bumper, no front/rear tampos and nothing impressive apart from the fact that this is representing a japanese classic. Will Mattel ever learn to leave these models to Matchbox? Sorry about the rant.

  2. Meh. Ugly colors for this first release. I understand they're matching some existing images out there, but none have an awful brown (turd color) stripe with brown decals. And the white meatball on the side just looks like an error. It works on red, but not here on lemon yellow. Gold rims look weird as well as a non-black top. Will buy one, but just to have the casting.

  3. You are way too obsess with JDM cars. Oh, forget that, But of course it's the Lame group… This car is awfull looking, just like the C7R corvette and the Vantage GT3. L'm glad Mattel did not do that to a classic Porsche or any stock Muscle car or Exotic recently.

  4. Can't be further from the truth
    Can it not have been done a bit more decently to preserve the original look >?<
    I'll buy just one, JUST to have the model in my collection.
    But certainly not commendable

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