Check out all the brand new Greenlights at Wheel Collectors…

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors

Just a heads up that Wheel Collectors received a mammoth pallet of Greenlight today, and it is loaded with cool stuff.

If VW is your thing, then you are definitely happy.  Beetles and Vans, Vans and Beetles.  For me the T2 Ambulance wins the batch.  Plus a slew of cop cars (CHiPs Crown Vic!) and entertainment vehicles.  I have some pictured below, but you can see the whole batch at the link below:

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors

Oh, and check out all the Green Machines:

Green Machines at Wheel Collectors

Of course, Greenlight Nissan GT-Rs have been a massive topic of late, and the third worldwide release in silver is in this batch as well.  I could keep going, but you just need to check it all out.

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