Matchbox unveils the completed Toyota Tacoma for 2017…

The upcoming 2017 Matchbox Toyota Tacoma is done, complete in a very cool color, deco, and tent. And as always, it was revealed on the Matchbox Instagram feed:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on Aug 5, 2016 at 8:19pm PDT


Some have lamented the lack of interior on this one, and I get that.  But I do think the removable tent adds an interesting dimension, especially for a brand really trying to stick out.  I think it works.  Accessories seem to be the thing this year, and I like it.  We will have to see how the others turn out.

What do you think?

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  1. No interior and no rear/front tampos make it look cheap and unfinished. Which is a pity, because the casting itself is great as usual. The tent is also cool, but I'm not convinced it compensates the lack of detailing.

  2. I was skeptical when i heard about no interiors, but I think this looks pretty fantastic. I Don't mind it so much if the glass is super dark tinted. Love the graphics. The lack of front and rear tampos don't bother me; easily corrected with a steady hand and a paintbrush

  3. I think the casting is great and the detachable tent is fantastic.
    The lack of interior is not problem although I do think this can be easily added as a part of the base plate. Lack of front detail however is bothering me. Adding detail by yourself as suggested would make the model for me worthless.

  4. Great casting ruined by a lac of interior. These are now Maistos at a 33% greater price.

    MB: Quit over thinking this. Metal bodies, clear windows, interiors, add on lights for police cars and keep them as close to the 1/64 scale as possible for the cars. The cars will sell. All the add ons are nice but are not a substitute for a realistic model.

  5. I love how everyone complains about MBXs having no interiors. Apparently most have forgotten that Matchbox didn't put interiors in their models until around 1960-1961, and only a few models offered over the past decades (Articulated Truck, Freeway Gas Tanker, Badger, Crane Truck, International Fire Pumper to name a few)didn't didn't have interiors as well – and nobody complained about it then.

    What you're witnessing is a sign of the times. Toy makers will continue to delete the interiors in order to keep the price affordable to children-who are the target market. It's just a matter of time before the premium models go the same route.

    By then you will have only two choices-either accept the changes or stop collecting.

  6. Well, those models you refer to are well over 40s years old. And in the few more recently issued models, many complained or lamented that they were missing interiors. I would also argue that most current collectors do not have an interest in the regular wheel or Lesney models. As a product manager I can tell you it is entirely possible to cost reduce yourself out o the market. This is a calcualted hope by Mattel to keep models at a price point for one single chain.

    If they are going to engineer and release models down to the standards or “lesser” brands, then they price should be similar. Currently at Walmart Maisto models are approximately 30% cheaper using almost all licensed models with many current cars in the line.

    I can tell you my personal MB purchases are down 75-80% over 5 years ago and 200% over 10 years ago.

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