Take a gander at the Hot Wheels display at Comic Con…

Last weekend the Matchbox Team was among 150 to 200 Matchbox collectors, most of whom know each other and share a specific passion for the orange brand.  This weekend, another Mattel Team is encountering something COMPLETELY different.

The Hot Wheels team is in San Diego for the greatest crowd-phobia event there is – Comic Con.

And among the sea of cosplay dorks and “who is Rey’s father” experts, the Hot Wheels Team is showing off it latest and greatest.

We were able to get some photos of what is there, and while some lines are a little too “entertainment” related for my taste, there is a ton to get excited about.  Sometimes it is a full line, other times a specific model, and even others it is just the artwork.  And speaking of artwork, what cool artwork there is!

Some of this you have seen, but a lot you haven’t.

I don’t know how to organize all this, so I am just going to post all the photos that came my way.

So put on the costume of your favorite cartoon character, and scroll through the photos.  It will be almost like you are in San Diego yourself!  Nerd.


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  1. Wow! What an attention grabber that has to be when looking at it at the actual event! Really like the looks of the Gran Turismo cars! I agree with you though, a little too “entertainment” related for my taste as well.

  2. anything HALO is a plus to my collection…recently started collecting their mini figs and whatnot…the HALO vehicles are an awesome sight for me…wonder if they'll do warhammer 40k tanks next time…

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