The Mazda MX-5 is this year’s Matchbox Gathering Dinner Model…

You’ve wanted to know, and it has now been unveiled.

Keeping up with tradition, this year’s Matchbox Gathering Dinner Exclusive is a stunner, and the story behind it is definitely a bonus for you racing fans.

The Dinner model this year is the Mazda MX-5 Miata.  Already a popular new 2016 model in red, this one takes things a step further.  Those that are familiar with 24 hours of Le Mans, or Mazda history in general already know what I am referring to.

Here is the Gathering Miata:

Here is the Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B:

Photo Credit: Japanese Nostalgic Car

While not the exact livery of the legendary racer, this year’s Dinner Model shares the same colors and pays homage to the 787B here on the 25th Anniversary of the win in 1991 – the first and only win for a Japanese car.  The win in 1991 was as significant a moment as any for Japanese carmakers, and with the newest generation MX-5 debuting on the anniversary of that event, it seemed appropriate to pay homage.

So that is exactly what Gathering organizer Jim Gallegos and the Matchbox Team did.  Create a special model for Gathering Dinner attendees to take home, beautifully packaged in a plexiglass case:

There are not a lot of these.  Just enough for attendees, plus the very limited 75-only run of “Early Registrant” variants.  As has been done each year, the first 75 people to register qualify for the early variant.

What is the variant?  It is subtle this year.  Just a little more text on the rear.

It doesn’t change the look of the car, but for those who like variants, it is a must-have.  But I don’t think those getting the standard Dinner Model will be complaining too much.

So pair the Dinner Miata with the Dealer Dodge A100, and you have quite a duo.  To me, reason enough to head out to the desert in July and attend.  Those that do come know there is much more to it, and far better reasons to come.  They are definitely a lucky bunch this year.

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