The Matchbox Gathering is here! A preview of what is to come & a look at some of the stunning exclusives…

I try to take weekends off from the blog.  Not this weekend.

I am here at the 14th Annual Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Matchbox Team is currently trudging through the desert in their Ford Superlift Brush Truck on their way, and folks are arriving from all over the world.

There will be a lot to show, and a lot of news to pass on.  I am committed to doing my best to let my readers in on what is happening.  So definitely follow the Instagram page, and new this year, my Facebook Live feed.  Hopefully, provided the wifi at the hotel is healthy, I will be able to show some of the presentations and other cool elements of the convention.

Also, the Dinner Model Showcase is done, and will post here as soon as it is revealed Saturday night. Trust me, it’s a beauty.

For now, here is a Lamley YouTube Showcase of some of my favorite Gathering models from the past, along with a few photos.  Until the next check-in…

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