The Euros have landed: Hot Wheels Euro Style is now available at Wheel Collectors & A&J Toys…

There is a Brexit joke in here somewhere, but I am too tired.  So we will focus on the facts.

Hot Wheels Car Culture Euro Style is here!  Lamley Partners Wheel Collectors and A&J Toys both got shipments today, and they can be found here, whether you want singles or cases:

Hot Wheels Euro Style singles and sets at Wheel Collectors

Hot Wheels Euro Style cases at A&J Toys

This set won’t carry the luster of the Japan Historics, but it is nice nonetheless.  To me the highlights are the BMW Police, Porsche 993, and surprisingly the Fiat.  The other Porsche and the new model of the group, the Golf, leave a little to be desired with their lack of headlights.  It might speak to the beauty of the Japan Historics that the set following them, as good as it looks, seems a little drab in comparison.  On its own, though, it is a fantastic set.

And now it is out in the US.  Our friends in Canada and elsewhere might react to this with a collective yawn, but at least the US finally has them…

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  1. “collective yawn” Thanks for the shout out John, you have many loyal Canadian readers including myself. Personally, I think the Golf (a new casting) is the best of the set, yes, lack of tempos, but the paint job is splendid and the shape is authentic. Worst car of the set IMO is the BMW M3, ridiculous paint job that gets my German friend Thomas (Friesenscollection) blood boiling and we didn't need yet another M3. Not including the awesome Renault Megane Trophy or 2.0 RS was a missed opportunity to represent France and diversify the set a bit, 4 out of 5 cars being German. Now, from the perspective of a Canadian who has seen those in store over 2.5 months ago: the Euro set never enjoyed the popularity that the JH had (and still have), very quickly became a peg warmer. My simple explaination for that: Hot Wheels collectors don't care about Euros and Euro enthusiasts don't care much about Hot Wheel either, or at least HW was never a brand that seriously catered to them. The Euro Style set is too little to late IMO. Now, back to what everybody cares about: JDM.

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