Which of these new arrivals do you want to see first? (And what is this Minecart thing about?)

Posted this Facebook Live video earlier today on the Lamley FB Page.


Some cool stuff from both Japan Booster and Wheel Collectors.  What shall I showcase on the blog first?  Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook…

And for those of you in the know, explain the Minecart.  Please.

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  1. The Minecart is an item used in the highly popular construction game Minecraft. Minecraft lets you create entire worlds. People have created some very impressive stuff if you do a google and youtube search.

  2. The Minecart is a form of transportation from the game Minecraft, and in-game it is one of the faster ways to get around. Mattel got the license to make Minecraft merchandise a year or two back and they probably saw the opportunity to make money from fans of the game here. If they continue making more Minecraft-related Hot Wheels cars, my next guess will be that they will make the boat from the game.
    Here's an (outdated) video about the Minecart in-game if you're interested:

  3. It is also worth noting that the Minecart is designed to hold figures from Mattel's Minecraft Minifigures line, an example of which would be the creature on the card art (called a Creeper).

  4. It's actually kinda' neat that HW's is branching out to create vehicles that crossover into other 'worlds' of different toys.
    If you have kids (like I do), you might know about Minecraft and I do believe HW's created certain models to incorporate Lego figures into the vehicles, like the Minecraft cart.

  5. Maybe but unless you collect models and play minecraft, this is a waste of time, i have no interest in this thing at all – regardless of whether it is an actual model used in a game or not – it is a box on wheels, has no design or likeability to it at all.

  6. Hey Jon cmon. Waste for you, and one I am not interested in, but I would hope you can acknowledge a lot of kids would be into it. We need more young collectors to replace the old codgers like us, and this is a great way to welcome them. I feel like you should expect to NOT be interested in a large portion of the line because most of it is not aimed towards you.

    My guess is that RS and Renault interest you though.

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