The Tomica Limited Vintage Honda CR-X family expands…

Honda CR-X from Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

Oh, you 80’s Era Hondas, how we do miss you…

Nostalgia can cloud judgement.  Songs from the past come on, and while I might try to convince my kids that a song is cool, I know that if I step back and listen, the song actually sucks.

The same can happen with cars, but for the most part it is different.  I look back at the 80’s Era signature cars and can’t find any angle that will tell me they aren’t cool.  And no, I am not talking about a Buick Regal, I am talking about the cars that were up on my wall.  Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 308, Porche 959, and others.

But there is the reverse as well.  There are cars I took for granted back in the day, that now I completely appreciate.  I have talked about my father’s ’82 Honda Accord before, and how much I miss that car.  I didn’t think much of it then, other than it represented my father’s breakaway from buying American car only, but now it has a life of its own.  Preludes, Civics, the S2K, they still look great.  And they look even better now considering the boredom that is on the Honda Showroom floor today.

Sure, someone can argue that this love for 30-year-old Hondas is only there because this generation of car aficionados grew up with them, but that isn’t giving Honda enough credit.

The Honda CR-X might represent that cool that was Honda back in the day.  Made for play, cool as the dickens, and a favorite of Honda nerds today.  And a perfect car for Tomica Limited Vintage to replicate.

They did the first versions of the CR-X a few years ago, with three wheel styles.  I much prefer the 4-dot wheels to the sawblade wheels, and am really happy to see them on this latest batch that is out, as well as the next two coming later this year.

The coolest thing about the return of the CR-X is the fact that there are now two that are easier to get.  The first three 4-dot versions have been hard to find, or at least expensive if you do encounter them.  The same will happen to these over time, but for now they are readily available at Japan Booster:

Honda CR-X from Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

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