My favorite diecast storage cases, Creative Options, are on sale now at…

Just a head up that Joann has the Creative Options Thread Organizers on sale now as an online exclusive for $7.50 each.  You can find them here:

Creative Solutions Thread Organizers at

I have seen them for cheaper in the past, but this is the cheapest I have seen these cases for awhile.  Joann never charges the full price, but rare do they go this low without a special coupon.  And you can get them at that price right now if you order online.

Many of you use these cases, and I swear by them.  They are easy to store because they stack nicely side by side, and they are made a somewhat soft plastic that means most models don’t get damaged when being transported.

These cases were marketed as diecast storage in the past, but Creative Options repurposed them as thread organizers a few years ago.  Nothing has changed, and they remain a great option for storage.  My entire loose collection is housed in them, and I just bought a few more for future models.

I get asked more about storage and display solutions than anything else, so hopefully this will be a good thing for many of you.  Go buy a few…

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  1. They did change the hinge design to make them more secure. Before, they used a 3-piece hinge and the doors would come off easily. Now they use a much more secure double hinge and it takes a lot of effort to remove the doors. Jo-Ann also runs monthly store wide sales [no coupon needed] with storage containers being 40% off.

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