Help me! I can’t get myself to open the Majorette Dubai Police 5-car set…

I need some encouragement.

The Majorette Dubai Police set is beautiful.  The models are tremendously cool, and it comes is such cool packaging.  And after looking at the set, my thought is once I open it I would have a hard time putting it back together if I wanted to display it.  I just love how the cars sit side-by-side in a Dubai Police-themed box.

But then again, I opened the two carded models from the same set, and they look like this:

Look how clean they look!  And that blue lightbar on the R8!  These are beautiful models, and need to be opened.

But I can’t do it.

So help me.  Should I open the set?  I think I should.  But who can rip open that packaging.

This is hard…

15 Replies to “Help me! I can’t get myself to open the Majorette Dubai Police 5-car set…”

  1. I would recomment not to open it. You don't play with the cars. To look at them within the beautiful display is everything that you need. Besides, you can roll around the other ones.
    But then again, it is a luxury problem you have. At least you have the set in hands and we all only have your pictures 😉

  2. the beautiful Lambert double standard at its finest. “I open everything. To help my daughter make money I'm selling my carded collection because I have no place for them” “I can't open this” this among your other exploits of double standards and dishonesty truly make you a cancer to this hobby.

  3. hmmm that set is not as impressive as you make it sound like. One only models I would consider getting are the panamera and sls. With that being said, you should set them free

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