The splendidly stock ’69 Nissan Skyline 2000GT is coming to Tomica Limited Vintage…

My fondness for stock Skylines continues to grow…

In a parade of GT-R’s or GT-R conversions, it is the stock Skylines that stand out more and more.  Could be a GT-R sitting high on steelies, or a standard uncut sedan sporting a fully intact surfline.  (Save the surfline!)

For whatever reason I flock to stock, whether untouched or slightly modded, and I am sure that is why I have such a fondness for Tomica Limited Vintage.  I have mentioned it before, but TLV is religiously committed to stock as well.  They won’t replicate a model unless they have the actual car in studio to study, and they try to get every detail right, even in 1/64.

They are also committed to all Japanese cars.  That is why you are more likely to see an early Isuzu Gemini in the line as opposed to the Toyota 2000GT or a C10 GT-R.  Of course I would love to see TLV tackle those models, but I am happier seeing them replicate what Japanese roads looked like in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

So you can imagine I was pretty stoked when I learned the ’69 Nissan Skyline 2000GT was coming to the line.  The ’69 is the pre-2-door version, and while there is a GT-R version, this is the model Pop drove to work.

It is set for a January 2017 debut, and will come in red and silver.  And check out those stock hubs!  Just like the real car:

This will be a beauty, and of course a must-have.  This means we have two superbly stock Skylines coming – a $1 ’71 2000GT-X from Matchbox this fall, and this premium version from TLV a few months afterwards.

Save the surfline!

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  1. Certainly looks like a quality casting, but I guess you would expect anything less. However, if I must pick a point to moan about, why another GC10? I'd love to see a B210 Sunny or 610 Bluebird in the range.

  2. Very nice, though I'd also like to see TLV do the more underappreciated Prince Skyline Sports and Prince Skyline GT-B – Hakosukas are nearly commonplace nowadays (or at least common in knowledge).

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