What do you make of the deco on this upcoming Matchbox Ford Raptor?

Didn’t know Lamley had another business?

Neither did I, until Matchbox dropped this little doozy the other day.

All I can say is that I have no idea what to say.  I can’t call this a dream come true, because who would have ever dreamt of actually getting acknowledged on a Matchbox car?  But holy cow, it is pretty damn cool.  And it means a lot to get a shout out from the folks from Orange.

I believe in Matchbox, and I believe in what this team is doing.  I like where the brand is headed.  I just am so sad they took 82 steps back by putting that ugly mug on the side of one of their trucks.  Thankfully the Skyline will be in the same batch, so there will be reason to visit the pegs.  Promise.

Look for this, or don’t, in Batch L.  Now back to repairing those leaks…

16 Replies to “What do you make of the deco on this upcoming Matchbox Ford Raptor?”

  1. Totally awesome! Congrats, John!

    It really takes a lot to be featured in a little diecast truck of which millions of pieces will be produced!

    Someone will look at it in the store and say “Hmmm, i wonder who's this guy…”, and i'm glad we have THIS GUY right here!

  2. Very tastefully executed and looks to be a very iconic piece for anybody's die-cast collection.. especially if you're a Lamley follower.
    Awesome deal John! Does this mean you finally made it? HAHA!
    Can't wait to get this one. Happy for you!

  3. This is the cheekiest reference I've seen on a 1-dollar toy car. Unless somebody else shows me another that can top it.

    BTW, if anyone's listening, make one for T-hunted.

  4. The best part of this is, that this is being made for the masses, and is not another convention exclusive. You deserve this, John! I'm buying as many as I can find.

  5. This is a must have for me! Since I have been a loyal reader since day one. Really love this model, Lamley, and congratulations! This one will be hot on the pegs.

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