No tampo errors are the best errors, Part 2…

Aren’t no tampo errors the best?

After I did a post about them a couple of weeks ago, I heard from a lot of you about some you had found.  I love when you share the pics, so keep them coming.

Plus, I found a pretty cool one myself yesterday, pictured above.  Sometimes they just stand out, and the Toyota was not hard to miss.

All this no tampo talk did compel me to go through my extras to see what no tampo models I had held onto.  I found quite a few:

All are cool, but some are standouts, starting with the Fast & Furious Skyline missing its blue stripes. I am also particularly for of the Subaru BRAT.  Of course, since I am committed to passing my carded collection on to other collectors, these will go as well.  Look for them soon as part of the Lamley Collection Sale on eBay…

In the meantime, check out these to gems found by Lamley Readers:


Ong Chun Keat – Malaysia

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