Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox H Case…

Matchbox 2016 Batch H at Wheel Collectors

Alright, I am going to show all the contents of the new Matchbox H Case, but methinks most of you will be most interested in the model pictured above.

I could get into the fact that the white Alfa appears to only be in one assortment so far, because we have only seen it in the G Case, but I don’t think you will pay attention.  You might be a little attention to the new A100, because a new A100 is always a treat.

But lets get to the core of this case.  The VW Transporter has made its debut, and it looks awesome.

We will get into more details on the casting itself, but with this model looking so good, the question is:

How many are in the case?

Well, let’s find out.  Wheel Collectors, as always, opened one of their cases and documented its unboxing three by three.  You can find all the models available now:

Matchbox 2016 Batch H at Wheel Collectors

Here we go:

The key is that there are two of the Transporter, and thankfully that is the case.  These will be gobbled up quickly no matter what, so Wheel Collectors might be the way to go…

Nice case…

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  1. Interesting how the armored car is the same identical livery as when it debuted in 2000. Anyone else notice that?? It's 100% identical although I'm guessing this one is plastic.

  2. Agreed. I like everything with the exceptions of the Dirtstroyer, MBX Coupe, Terrainiac, Hardnoze, Travel Tracker, Questor and Food Truck. Sounds like a lot of exceptions but there are 22 different models in the case and I like 15 of them. I can't remember the last time I liked two-thirds of a case!

  3. Keep the plastic for the make believe vehicles and reserve diecast for the real models.
    Seems that the make believe stuff DOMINATES once again!

    Why the usage of SO MUCH plastic? Especially for real cars and it really makes it very unappealing.
    I would even pay more for metal even in the mainline. If a [real] vehicle makes into a premium line I would also hope it doesn't contain the same plastic content as a mainline, but all in all.. I'd pay more for a premium 'all metal' vehicle!!!!

  4. Metal is getting expensive, and now some safety advocates (or safety nannies, if you prefer) are claiming the metal parts are getting dangerous for the children. And since Mattel is concerned with keeping the parents (and the nannies) happy and saving a few dollars, you will see more plastics in the lineup in the near-future. Also, if licensing fees don't go down (which they won't), you will see more generics and fantasy cars fill up the lines. After all, these are targeted for children. We collectors make up only 10-15% of the customers.

  5. Nice pics but all I see is cheap plastic. The company is a shell of its former self. Hopefully 2017 will be better. Theres nothing here I can praise Mattel for.

  6. I understand about the higher cost of metal, hope that license fees stabilize (no greed please), and do notice Hot Wheels with their fair share of plastics, but if it's true about the nannies and unsafe metal content, our hobby is in trouble .
    I grew up as a kid in the 70's/80's and I survived playing with mostly metal diecast cars. My young boy plays with them also and I try to monitor [as a parent] how he plays with them. I can't see how metal content determines if I should allow my child to play with the vehicle; I think he'll be ok unless he starts to eat the thing!
    I think society is getting to soft with the safety equation and it just seems to me that parents are not closely monitoring their children's play habits. As with the product costs, I wonder if saving a few dollars will generate a few extra cents in the profit margin area??!!

  7. All good comments, but whenever comments like these are made, there is always one major player never mentioned. Before you put all the blame on Mattel, remember Walmart rules the world. I think there are many at Mattel who would be all for raising the price. But Walmart wants them to be a dollar. Their feeling is they sell more Hot Wheels and Matchbox at $1 than they would at a slightly higher price. Walmart rules all, and unfortunately they get what they want.

  8. Yes, big business sets the standard when comes down to the mighty dollar. Walmart is the reason some chains/stores are closing. Some of the Walmart stores in my area better get with the program if they want to sell those $1 vehicles, because they can't sell if they can't stock the shelves!
    That applies mainly to Matchbox so if they want to make many a sale, I suggest they keep those pegs FULL.. are listening WM big wigs???!!!!

  9. Oh.. I forgot.. big WM executives make the big bucks. Probably why they had to break down and hand over more pay to the store employees, but their shelves not only are lacking with the latest diecast's, they aren't sufficient with keeping the shelves stocked with everyday items as well!

  10. I now shop Dollar General and Family Dollar (and occasionally Fred's) in my area for the latest Matchbox. The prices are generally 5 to 25 cants higher, but they are more reliable than Walmart. they are always 2 or 3 cases ahead of Walmart, and two of the WM's around here haven't even restocked since January, including Hot Wheels. But they are loaded to the gills with the latest M@ Machines, and their quality isn't event worth the $5.88 asking price.

  11. Cool, thanks! I'll have to check those two out more often because there is only one good WM within distance from me that DOES restock regularly. We don't have Fred's up in the Delmarva peninsula, but they must have them in the southeastern part of the US. Happy Hunting:)

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