Aoshima Grachan 9 featuring the LB Works Kenmeri is so cool I have no idea how to title this feature…

Find Aoshima Grachan 9 at Japan Booster…
There are some posts that are just plain fun to do.  The models are easy to photograph, and the photos turn out stunningly.  This is one of those posts.  

But hell if I am having a time trying to figure out a title for this feature.  I could say it is awesome.  Duh.  It is.  Aoshima is known for its model kits, but they have hit a fantastic little niche with their 1:64 Grachan Series.

Some folks will look at these with pure disgust.  Others might have to stop staring, their inner fanboy completely taking over.  Whatever someone’s opinion, you can bet they will at least HAVE an opinion.

You know I love my TLV.  Tomica Limited Vintage’s obsession with stock models is one of the main reasons I love collecting them.  Aoshima Grachan is completely different.  Obviously the models are different.  As different from stock as they can be.

If you aren’t familiar with Grachan, I explained in an earlier post:

“Grachan” (or “Gurachan”) refers to the bosozoku style and shakotan stance of these cars.  Literally, “Grachan” means “Grand Champion”, which comes from the Grand Championship racing series at Fuji Speedway in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
We don’t claim to experts, but the lowered style (shakotan) and exaggerated rear and chin spoilers were inspired by the cars used in the Grand Championships, knows as the Super Silhouettes.  
The Japanese kids that grew up idolizing the cars and their drivers eventually had their own cars, and using the Super Silhouettes as inspiration, took the style to wonderful extremes.

 Thankfully, we have diecast examples of what I was talking about.

Your standard R30 Skyline:

Now your Super Silhouette:

The Super Silhouettes had to maintain the “silhouette” of the standard car, but outside of that, other changes were fair game.  Hence the outrageous chin-spoilers and intakes and such.

And after all the kids that grew up idolizing the Super Silhouettes got a hold of their own cars, the Grachan look was born.  And that is what Aoshima has done with their series:

And this is the 9th set.

There are several new castings, and some repeats.  Most notable is the Liberty Walk Kenmeri Skyline, a near perfect replica of Kato’s real car:

(Photo Credit: Speedhunters)

Even without Kato’s creation in small scale, this set might be the best yet.  6 castings, 2 colors each.  Plus some chase pieces and special editions.  But you can’t go wrong with the set of 12:

I could go on and on about this set.  But I would be blabbering a bit, and me ogling on about certain models mixed with me trying to act like I know what I am saying about every detail of this set and this style would end up a disaster.

Plus, the photos say enough.  Many of you already have this set, but if you don’t, I HIGHLY recommend heading to Japan Booster and grabbing one.  These sets have a really bad habit of vanishing completely…

(Find Aoshima Grachan 9 at Japan Booster…)

LB Works Skyline Kenmeri 2dr

Skyline Kenmeri 4dr

Nissan 231 Laurel

Toyota Carina HT

Nissan 430 Cedric

Nissan 30 Leopard

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