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Time to get Japan Historics crazy at Walmart…

Normally I don’t report on what’s new at Walmart.  This is an exception.

Maybe the most popular Hot Wheels premium set in years is now at Walmart.  If you have braved through the great Historic Japanese Minicar Migration from Canada and the Greatest Movement of 10-car Cases from Hobby Dealers without a set, now is your moment.

Lamley friend Ace Rider (@1colectr236 on Instagram) sent over these pics, and I have seen it reported several times elsewhere.  So go to that funny speed walk some of you have perfected to the back of the store.  And if another collector is there, act like you aren’t there for the Hot Wheels and act like you are interested in the Johnny Lightning like you do, hoping they don’t see the Historics.  Whatever your thing is at Walmart, it’s time to head over…

Good luck…


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