It is Datsun 510 Day, so how about a Hot Wheels 510 family gathering?

Find the Datsun 510 on eBay…

It is been awhile since I pulled the 510s out.  But it is always an event when I do.

And 510 Day seems the perfect time.  I will forgo the writing today and just give you the list.

Here they are, all the verified variations of the 510 Bluebird Coupe and Wagon, all from Hot Wheels.  There are other fantastic wheel variations out there, but they have been hard to verify.  There is also the “tv antenna” variation on the passenger-side C-pillar of some that a few of you might be aware of, but it is such a strange and unsubstantial variation that we spare you on that as well.  Smooth and textured grill on the Wagon?  Shrug.  We all know what those look like, and they have been found on every version so far save the Boulevard.

I also didn’t include the OH5 wheel variation of the red 510 Wagon, mainly because I haven’t gotten the guts to open it yet.  Maybe soon.

The others?  All here.  Can you see the differences?

Still two more coupes to come…

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  1. In the 510/Bluebird world, that's the sedan body style because there's also one called a Coupe with a back window that slopes more and “Coupe” in chrome script on the sides. Mattel hasn't made that one yet, but they've shown pictures of a new Real Riders sedan with the hood open 👍

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