Kyosho Alfa Romeo Series 4 Set and Singles are now out at Japan Booster…

Driving today through Southwestern Utah, and I stopped off at Ray’s in Green River (you Jeep Safari types might be familiar with the famous tavern) to let you know that Kyosho Alfa Romeo is now available at the Japan Booster eBay store.

That is a lot of information in one sentence, and maybe a sentence that doesn’t make a ton of sense.  I am in Jeep country talking about Alfa Romeos available in Japan.

Hmmm, that still is convoluted.  Ok, forget the Jeep country part.  Let’s talk about Alfa Romeo, made by Kyosho, sold in Japan.  My good friend Jeff Koch is in Japan, and thought he would hit the local 7/11  – they sell diecast there in Japan – the morning the Kyosho Alfa set was released, and this is what he encountered:

Photo credit – Jeff Koch

That is all the evidence you need of how popular this new set from Kyosho is, and thankfully we can get them at Japan Booster.  You don’t even have to deal with the blind box.

The full set is available, as are the singles.  But go quickly, because many of these will go quickly.  Find them here:

Kyosho Alfa Romeo at Japan Booster

I have a set coming, and a feature will surely follow.  I am jealous of Jeff a lot this week, as his Japan adventure looks to be fantastic.  At least I don’t have to be jealous of his access to this set…

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