Should I worry about a retaped Japan Historics case?

Has there ever been a more talked-about series than the Japan Historics?

Whether it is how nice the models are, or how cool the new stretched-tire Real Rider wheel is, or how beautiful the card art is, or how jealous everyone was of our Canadian friends getting them first, you can’t get through a day on social media without the Historics getting mentioned.

And they most certainly deserve the attention.  Car Culture has started where Boulevard ended in 2013.  Just as that series started showing a ton of promise, it was killed.  Car Culture is fulfilling that, but even more so.

But there has been another topic surrounding the Historics as well.  For many collectors, in order to guarantee they acquired the models, this has been the first time they have purchased cases, whether from dealers like A&J Toys or elsewhere.  And it has been a learning experience for many.

Reports started surfacing that some of the 10-car assortments were not what they had hoped or expected.  It is logical to think that with a 5-car set, a 10-count case would contain two of each model.  Fortunately that was the case with most.  But not all.  Many reported getting zero of the Kenmeri Skyline and 1 or 2 extra of others.

Others reported getting cases that appeared to be resealed.  The original Hot Wheels sticker over the tape was cut, the case retaped, and another Hot Wheels sticker placed over that.  That of course made some nervous that some foul-play was involved.

We can start there.  I can’t speak for Mattel, but in case there is anyone wondering, cases aren’t opened and resealed by hobby dealers.  That just doesn’t happen.  If A&J or any other case seller were to do that, it would kill their business in seconds.  No need to worry about that.

But clearly some cases were resealed at the factory.  So what does that mean?  I have no idea.  And what about the different assortments?  Mattel doesn’t guarantee specific assortments, because they be modified, and we as collectors have to accept it, as frustrating as it is.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen that often.

But to dig in a little more, I ordered a Japan Historics case from A&J, and I asked them to send one of the resealed cases, just to see if anything was different.  Here is how it went:

There you go.  All I can say is it just happens.

A couple more things about the Historics, more on the fun side.  It appears there are two variations being reported.  The Hakosuka Skyline is coming with and without a roll cage, while the Datsun 510 Wagon is coming with a smooth and textured grill.

It would be interesting to get a sense of which of the variations is more common.  So let us know what you found in your cases or on the pegs.

Roll cage or no?

Smooth or textured grill?

I am sure this isn’t the last we talk about the Historics, but on to the next batch…

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  1. mine was missing the ken meri cars.. but i got an extra 510 and 2000 gtx.. so not too bad.. but bummed out I dont have a complete set.

  2. People that were missing cars, was that in the resealed cases? Otherwise I'm guessing Mattel discovered that certain cases did not have all the models (whether down to human error or faulplay, who knows) and that's why they started checking certain cases/batches. And then resealed them once the contents had been corrected.

  3. I order 1 full case and and additional set. I received all 15 cars and 3 full sets. All 3 wagons were smooth grill variations. My Hako's had 1 roll cage and 2 non roll cage variations.

    By what I've seen on Instagram the textured grill wagon and non roll cage hako seem to be the rarer variations.

  4. I have two case subs from my dealer. Both cases I received were re-taped, but all 10 cars were in each case. They did not have multiple of that blue label, looked like it was just normal packing tape. One case had two roll cage Hakos, the other case had non-roll cage Hakos. One of the non-roll cage ones went to a buddy of mine who is buying a set off me for each Car Culture mix. Didn't really pay attention to the 510 Wagon grill, not that big a deal to me.

    On a side note, I don't like how everyone is calling this the “Japanese Historics” series. It's a single MIX in the Car Culture series.

  5. I got 2 cases. Both cases had all the cars, but in the first case I got, every card was bent and creased. The other case was perfect. All the hakos had a roll cage, and 4 of 6 wagons has smooth grills.

  6. I found over a dozen sets in the wild and only 2 rollcage Hakos. Smooth grille were about 50/50. Whether that is a big enough sample size to determine that rollcage hakos are rarer is another question. Nice review!

  7. I ordered one case at A&J and it wasn´t cheap, to have it shipped to Europe. So i am not really amused with the arrivals, because
    I received:
    1 Toyota
    2 Mazda´s
    2 Skylines HT with roll cage
    1 Skyline HT without roll cage
    4 Datsun Wagons all smooth grille
    No Kenmeri in the case.

    By the way, anyone else noticed that the roll cage Nissan´s are painted in a cream white color?
    Non roll cage Nissan is pure white (i think it´s called off white??)
    If you hold them side by side, there´s clearly a difference.

  8. I bought 2 cases from A&J. First case was sealed with Mattel's blue tape. Got the full 10 with 2 complete sets. Second case did not have the Mattel seal. Missing 2 Kenmeri's replaced with Wagon and 510. I wanted full sets to share with fellow collectors. Not happy with this!

  9. I ordered two cases from A&J Toys. I was hoping to have four complete sets. One box had all 5 vehicles, two of each. But the other only had 4 models. It was missing the Kenmeri Skylines and instead had four Hakosuka Skylines. I don't know which is most favored by collectors, but I may try to sell the two extra Hakosukas and get two Kenmeris. Also, all four of my Datsun Wagons had creased corners! Mostly likely shipping damage, but what a bummer.

  10. Ordered two cases from A&j: 1st box had one a blue HW's sticker – 2nd box did not have the blue sticker – both boxes had the total of four complete sets.. just exactly what I had hoped.

    That Mazda, IMO, was the clear stand out!!!!

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