Our good friend Jay Kho had a very good day yesterday…

A year and a half ago I wrote about an encounter I had with some cool dudes in Mesquite, Nevada.  Jeff Koch, @the_toy_pimp himself, pulled me down from St George, Utah, and lured Jay Kho (@jester702) and Roy De Guzman (@royshakosuka) up from Vegas for a meeting of the car nerds, big and small.

It was a memorable night, and I made two very good friends.  Lamley is truly a Group, and the pimp, Jay, and Roy are definitely members.  One of the elements that made it great was Jay’s DR30 Skyline, which he drove up from Vegas.  While Jay dug through boxes of diecast, I just stood and stared at the red and black beauty.  Soon after, Jay took me on a memorable ride through the deserted streets of Mesquite.

Since then, Jay’s car world has blown up.  The looks have changed a bit, and his beloved was the feature car at the Japanese Nostalgic Car booth at JCCS last year, it was featured in Hemming’s Sports & Exotics Car Magazine, on Speedhunters, JNC, and has now gotten the superstar treatment by Petrolicious:

(Go full screen on this, and for heaven’s sake, don’t just watch it on your phone.  This isn’t a lame Lamley unboxing video.)

How. Cool. Is. That!?!?

I am so stoked for my good friend.  I am lucky that he is willing to give us a feature or five on Lamley here and there.  He is petrolhead through and through, with a great big side of minicar geek.  He makes a mean grilled chicken.  Great to see the good guys get some attention.  All well deserved.

Congrats Jay.

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