With Mercedes returning to Matchbox, what castings will return?

It might be just me, but I have to think that Mercedes is going to be on the minds of a lot of collectors over the next year.  Japan has been all the rage for the last few years, and that is definitely going nowhere, but I think Germany will take the top spot for awhile moving forward.

Sure, there is nothing surprising about Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes being a cornerstone of the car world.  Germany always has been.  But there are ebbs and flows in the diecast world and it is pretty easy to see a slight shift happening.  JDM will remain hot, but BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes have joined the party.  Again, I know this is no bold prediction, but with Mercedes coming back with a flourish, there will be a lot of excitement.

And Mercedes is going to return in a big way.  Why wouldn’t it?  If Mattel has the license, they are most surely not going to sit on it.  And if the type of BMW and Porsche models that have come from both Hot Wheels and Matchbox lately are any indication, there are some doozies coming.

We already know of one, the G63 AMG 6×6 from Matchbox.  It is a great model to set the tone.  It is fun to think about what might be announced next.  And it is even more fun to think of the potential models we could see.  Feel free to post the Mercedes you would like to see from either brand.

But what models will return?  When Mattel lost the license, Matchbox especially was producing some fantastic Mercedes models.  And while some models are not nearly as current as they were 7-8 years ago, they are still excellent models that we would love to see return.  We will focus on Hot Wheels on a future post, but what models might return to the orange brand?

Of course the first factor is the condition of the tools.  Some tools could easily have been retired, and I don’t know if Mattel would return to them.  Another factor is whether or not Mercedes would approve those tools now.  I don’t know the status of either of those elements, but they definitely are the most important factors in whether or not we see some of these again.

Also, are some models so dated they don’t make sense?  Or are some outside of the 4-piece rule instituted by Mattel?  It is a bummer to think about, but that could eliminate some as well.

Ultimately, there are some great options, and here are some we would love to see return.  Which would you like to see?

E Class Sedan

Definitely a dated model, but it was underused when it was available.  Makes for a great taxi.

CLK Convertible

I have always liked this model too.  Incredibly close to the real thing.

E430 Wagon

One of my top choices to make a return.  Street version is dated, but imagine it on new 5-spoke wheels?  New life for sure.  It will always make a great police car.

Unimog U300

I would be surprised if we DIDN’T see this one soon.


I highly doubt we see this one.

ML 430

Another I doubt we see.  A bit of an awkward model.  To big too.


I can only hope, but I doubt it.


Probably not.  If I remember correctly Mercedes themselves weren’t too thrilled with execution on this one.


I sure as hell hope so.  An iconic design already.  Still one of the prettiest cars Mercedes ever made.


I don’t think there is any doubt this one will return.  Sadly underused, and it will be an instant hit once on the pegs.  There was a blue ready to go in a 5-pack.  Maybe rekindle that?


Sadly, too many pieces.  6×6 will obviously take its place.

Of course there are a ton of older models, but these are from the Mattel era, and maybe some of them make their way back.  We will find out soon enough…

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  1. I'm assuming you have some insider knowledge because a return for the SLR McLaren would surprise me, given that Mercedes no longer partners with McLaren in Formula 1 and both companies now have their own, separate sports/supercars on sale. I agree with you on the Unimog though. Let's see!

  2. Not a dd in the bunch. And MB design is often evolutionary so these still hold up. Lastly MB Team, focus less on the cost per car and make these quality castings. The added chrome grille is worth it. And since these molds are old, the amortized cost/overhead should be gone to allow the extra part.

    As for the SLR, don't think the current state would have anything to do with what the car actually is. I have seen numerous McLaren models made and those relationships are long gone.

  3. I am looking fwd to the return of Mercedes, all castings you posted above would be welcomed back (excl. the ML). The SLS AMG and AMG GT will surely make an appearance, I don't think that the other guys (Majorette, Tomica, Siku) have exclusivity on the model…As for your prediction on the German cars becoming the new flavour of the month in the near future, despite being a Euro fanboy, I don't necessarily want to see the Euros dominate, I appreciate brands and models diversity (i.e. not only Hot Wheels and not only JDMs) but my opinion is quite unpopular (even offensive to some) in North America…#collectwhatyoulike

  4. The SL55 was pretty nice to me. I still got mine. Really sexy.

    The E-Class was nice for its time, but it's a little too bloated for me. As with some of those other Mercedes castings. The wagon is surprisingly very dashing in black though.

    I'll leave those trucks for other collectors; all I'm interested in are the cars. Some old school coupes and convertibles would be sweet for me.

  5. I hope they will re-produce non of them. And I hope not to be the only one with this opinion. Let´s have the old ones rare and desirable objects to collect! Look at the current MB lineup, there is one beauty beside the other from the “A” up to GT AMG, not speaking about the new GLC and GLE. So any, really any of them can come and will be fantastic.

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