It won’t surprise you to know what I think of the Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car…

I don’t want to go all #lamleyhype on you, but this is easily one of my favorite models Hot Wheels has ever released.  It is a magnificent choice for a Hot Wheels casting, and the execution is flawless.  
Fraser Campbell took on the design, and created a model that will never need from and rear tampos, because the window piece provides both.  That means the legendary racing car will always get a complete racing livery.  And that will always look good because Fraser created a surprisingly perfect replica of the actual car.  Front, side, and rear details are there, but most importantly, so is the stance.  
I would not have been surprised if a more lowered version was created, just to keep it slightly more modern, but this one has the more realistic high stance that the actual car possessed.  And yeah, don’t think I didn’t notice the chin spoiler.
There have been quite a few great releases from Hot Wheels in the last five years, and we all have our faves.  I would say Jun Imai’s Kenmeri Skyline and Greenwood Corvette, as well as Ryu Asada’s Porsche 934 stand out for me over all others.  This one might trump them all.
I’ve found a fave.  More to come…

19 Replies to “It won’t surprise you to know what I think of the Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car…”

  1. I really wish they would have included this in the BMW anniversary assortment that just hit stores. It could have done without the M3 GT2 since they include a stock M3. Then again two white cars in an assortment might have been too much.

  2. Okay. I need a new lower jaw and salivary glands. That is stunning beyond stunning.

    Now to find the SOB scalpers and hit them on their posteriors until they give it up for free…

  3. I agree with you John, awesome casting and more importantly quite “authentic” . Chris, you're right, as much as the Porsche Series brought me back to the hobby after 20 years of absence, I was not too impressed with the BMW Series, adding this casting in the series would have helped a lot.

  4. Found it yesterday here in the UK…Superb casting, really captures the shape of the real thing…like the Skyline 2000GT-X from 2011 feels like one for collectors casually dropped into the mainline…

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  9. I just got one today out and about at a Dollar store the Hot wheels 73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race car Number 68 and noticed that the right side of the car lights they are missing from the car looks like it was not finished i am gathering its a flaw wondering if they are worth more because of the problem flaw

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