Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels J Case…

Hot Wheels 2016 J Case

Remember when you were a kid you felt a special connection to certain things, like anything that shared the first letter of your name?  Maybe not, but I did.

I always love the letter J, and felt a bond to anything that shared the letter, like January (my birthday month).  Occasionally that still pops up.  Like when Hot Wheels releases the J case.  The 6-year-old in me always hopes the J case is extra special.

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

The Hot Wheels 2016 J Case is a great one, mainly because it is the debut of my most anticipated new model of 2016, the ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL.  I love me some vintage Bimmers, and Hot Wheels gives us two in this case.  There are other J gems like the Honda Monkey and a Batmobile Super TH, but lets get to it so you can see.

The J Cases arrived at Wheel Collectors today, and as always, they picked a random case and opened it, pulling the models 3-by-3 and photographing it all.  All the models are listed at the Wheel Collectors store:

Hot Wheels 2016 J Case

Let’s see you like this one as much as I do:

Regular TH Alert:

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  1. These just turned up in New Zealand, was very surprised to see them as hadnt seen any J case reports yet. Needless to say after some digging through these and H & G cases, came away with a armful of nice cars.

  2. BMW yes please, Black and White Astons, definitely, Shelby GT350 and Honda Monkey, yes, Black 2002, silver Porsche, White Dodge, HWPD SS Camaro and so on, this is the best released case for ages, lots of decent stuff, and less generic rubbish….

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