Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels H Case…

You’ve seen the Case Report, now how about we did in a little more into the H Case.

Mine arrived from A&J Toys last week, and I dug into it this weekend.  While the ratio of great to ok might not be stellar, there are some fantastic debuts in this case.  Most notably too very fast speedsters in blue.

So have at it, and enjoy the case.  And always, thanks for subscribing to the Lamley YouTube Channel

A&J Toys on eBay…

3 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels H Case…”

  1. CRX + Porsche I definately want to get. 😉

    blue 'Stang and NSX are beautiful too. Let's see, if I'll get them.

    I'm also looking for the 180 SX GReddy variation, that black and red Civic and so on… .

    There are enough models I wish to catch. ^^

  2. I love that there isn't as much hype on the CRX and as a Mustang guy, I support the bid for the GT350R as the model of the year. I can't wait to get it. Now if only batches would arrive sooner than every 8 weeks and with more than a few cases at a time.

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