New York Toy Fair 2016 Recap: Maisto/Bburago…

Toy Fair 2016 was held in New York City on February 13 through 16.  Several diecast brands were there, showcasing to retailers what is coming, and we were fortunate enough to have someone there to recap the festivities.  Our old friend Tim Pagano headed over, checked out the displays, jotted down some info, and took some pics.  Throughout the day we will be posting his reports and photos.  

On to another brand we haven’t featured.  Here is Tim’s report on Maisto/Bburago:

When we visited the Maisto booth their representatives were busy dealing with customers so we were not able to conduct an interview to obtain information on the 2016 offerings.  However, they graciously allowed us to photograph the upcoming 1:64 offerings they had displayed in their booth.  The Maisto Toy Fair cars are a 2009 Nissan GT-R (R35) Police Car and Burango Ferrari California T (Open Top) .  Photographs of these cars and the Maisto Toy Fair cars are provided below:

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