Lamley Vintage Unboxing: Opening a sealed 2010 Matchbox Q Case…

Yeah, that 2016 D Case Report was a bit of a dud, right?

The hope is, even with 24-count cases, licensed models get the priority.  And if you have to see how that looks, check out this Vintage Unboxing we just did on a 36-count case from 2010.  The surprises just keep coming.  Cool model after cool model.  It was definitely a good time for orange, and it can definitely come back.

The cool thing?  These models are or will be available at Wheel Collectors, who were nice enough to supply the case for the unboxing.  These are all going back (save one or two).


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  1. Ah…the good old days! Why can't Matchbox be like this again? As a relatively new collector I drool over the lists of Matchbox on Wikipedia from about 2000 to 2010 (excluding Hero City). The quality and the design of the product was so much better then.

  2. Is there any chance that you will ever do anything other than Mattel or Tomica, and the occasional Greenlight, there are other small scale diecast out there that would be nice to see brought to the fore ?????????????????? or is this just for mattel products

  3. Well there is Kyosho, although I didn't buy the new Fiat set. There is Greenlight which I have posts ready. There is Auto World which is working on some new sets and I will feature them once they are out. There is Johnny Lightning and Racing Champs which I have been talking to now and you will see some fun features very soon. There is Majorette, and I hope to find a way to get some to feature. But other than that probably not.

  4. Actually it's a 2011 case because the artwork first appeared in 2011, the Holden UTE arrived as a rather late 2010 in the early 2011 cases in green and the red was the first recolor for 2011, and the Fargo Police Interceptor was the new casting for 2011.

  5. So no then, thats a shame as there are so many other brands out there that need to be showcased, Mattel is NOT the be all and end all, it gets a bit boring seeing the same US cars made every week, in different colours, but i suppose as your seem to be Mattels online resource, it seems like we wont get these cars, oh well never mind.

  6. Jon I show what I want and what I think is interesting. Also what I can photograph. If there are brands you are interested in let me know. I don't think it is my responsibility to show all. Keeping up with what I do showcase is hard as it is.

  7. I think your enthusiasm for the little car is great. I always look forward to your posts and now your vids. Thanks for going to the effort this humble collector appreciates it.
    I'd like to see the Holden Ute again it's been a while come on MBX another run please maybe without the mountain climbing deco's.

  8. Hi John,

    As an earlier poster said, this is a 2011 case, which is notable as this was the first year Mattel decided to feature specific vehicle art on each blister.

    You mention the yellow mini–this is the first release, as the recolor was in red.

    The Elk Grove Charger livery is real, from Elk Grove, CA, in Sacramento County just south of Sacramento.

    The Express Delivery release here was the first basic line revision to a plastic body. The same year, the SWAT version from the Police 5-Pack also featured a plastic body.

    While the case reads “Q” these letters carried forward from 2010. This is a “Wave J” case, with carry-forward models from Wave H. There are (possibly) numerous variations within this case release.

    1. Dodge Challenger: This is likely the paler yellow version with a more matte/light gloss, as that was the first version released and this case you opened is the “debut” of this wave. In “R” cases, the vehicle shows a deeper, richer yellow with a decidedly more traditional gloss coating.

    2. Jungle Crawler: This is a blister variation. I couldn't see it in your video, but these likely show in the bottom right corner that the vehicle is “60/100” when later blister cards correct the text to read “97/100.” The vehicle is the same through both blisters, no noticeable color differences.

    3. Yamaha Rhino: This should be the first release showing a small “Rhino” hood badge in white, where later releases feature a significantly larger (and intended) hood badge.

    Of note, the next case you are going to open (which is S, I believe), is part of an unprecedented three-case release, where Case R, S, and T hit the market and hobby dealers in the same delivery. Between all three releases, there were between 45-50 vehicles (counting recolors) being released for the first time that year, nearly completing the release schedule. Special consideration goes to the models appearing in the T case, as there were so many new models/recolors in that case, there was only one of each for most models. The next release contained the first models of 2012 (only two models, the Scraper and the Aqua King) on the new-style blister cards, and the “carry-forward” models were a random mix of 10-12 earlier releases (like the green Garbage Truck, red Toyota 4runner, etc.) on the new-style cards. All the T case models — appearing once per case for most — were immediately discontinued and have since become much more difficult to find on blister card than the remainder of the series as they appeared only in the T case print run.


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