Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox D Case…

Wheel Collectors had another large pallet day, which means new models to show off.  Not only did they get some cool new Greenlight, but the Matchbox D Cases are in.  And as always, they helped us put together a Case Report.

Matchbox 2016 Batch D at Wheel Collectors

When we did the Matchbox C Case unboxing a few days ago, I suggested that an assortment more licensed-model-heavy would help improve things.  With Matchbox cases now at 24-count instead of 36-count, it becomes more imperative that the most popular models have the most counts.  That wasn’t the case with the C Case, but we will see about the D Case with this report, as well as the Unboxing of another D Case I will do a little later next week.

As always, the folks at Wheel Collectors picked a random case off the pallet and opened it, 3-by-3.


Hmmm.  Don’t know about this.  Some cool debuts, including the Dodge Charger Police and Toyota Prius Taxi, and I like the two INC-themed vehicles.  But there are some concerns.  The two models that get 2-counts in this case are the Sea Hunter Helicopter – looks good, but not my cup of tea – and the Wing Chiller.  Yikes.  Not only is the Wing Chiller sadly a certain pegwarmer, this is the second case in a row that it comes in two.  That means a double-up on the pegwarmers.

Secondly, where is the BMW M5 Police?  It debuted in the C Case, so it should have rolled over to this case.  Matchbox has skipped models in assortments before, so lets hope is shows up in other D assortments, or in E.  Based on this assortment, I am VERY interested to see what my D Case looks like when it arrives…


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  1. I see all the great models being produced, walk into the local Target tonight and the only thing they are now carring are the 5pks! This is ridiculous to look at this case and see the limited number of licensed cars! If Mattel lets MBX go under my collecting days with them may be over! There are other companies out there catering to collectors, like AW,M2 and GL. Also Jhnny lightning is trying to make a comeback. This BS Mattel has no clue even the blue cards are putting out more and more junk! More plastic more horrendous designs! I'm really begining to get a little frustrated now! 24Ct. Cases because Mattel has no clue how to market has no R&D what so ever it seems! They can't even get distribution right. Either they have no clue or everyone their is incompetent! Kids are not buying a majority of their product, they are morons! Be warned Mattel and I have a feeling I'm not the only one of many that feel the way I do. Enough is enough get your s#@t together or maybe sales may start to dwindle….

  2. very disappointing looking selection. does Matchbox not have the budget allocated for licensed vehicles? there's like two (maybe three) cars I'm interested in this case – the rest are peg warmers for mine.

  3. Nice to see the Prius back, but I'm assuming the casting hasn't been modified with a roof sign…overall a disappointing selection, the Skyline, MX5, VW double cab etc can't come soon enough. Has the silver recolour of the '93 Mustang been released yet? Really concerned about distribution here in the UK (the home of Matchbox don't forget), Tesco seem to have completely stopped selling the brand, as have Asda…just leaving Morrisons and poundshops (who resell US long cards)…

  4. Awfull case. Way too much of non-licenced model. There only 4 decents cars in the assortiment (the dodge charger police, the prius, the blue tesla and the yellow f150)
    This is why matchbox going down. I am 100% sure that mattel will sell more mbx if 70% or 80% of the case containt licence models with realistic livery instead of models that nobody care about it (like that ugly orange snow thing)

  5. So sad…the generics will sit and cause stores not to re-order causing less peg-space until the numbers show them not worth carrying. Mattel are the dumbest bunch around…let the designers put out what they think will sell, afford them to use 75% licensed and watch what would happen, but I believe it is too late.

  6. A street sweeper, Zamboni, farm irrigator, helicopter, boat, and others that can't be identified. I'm pretty sure Mattel is giving up on Matchbox just like Target is. Too bad. This VW fan would have liked to see the Beetle or Microbus or Ghia again, but orange is apparently not long for the world.

  7. That's a bad batch. Very disappointing all around. Really a bad choice for INC Models as well. The Charger is a total bust with a strange paint job and rims that should never be seen on a police cruiser :/

  8. The Wing Chiller is an awful model. And to have 2 more in this case is crazy. It's easy to tell what stores received the C case because they all have 2 Wing Chillers hanging on the pegs. Disappointed to see that the Cadillac One, the BMW Police, and the Pierce Dash Firetruck did not return for this case. I'm rooting for Matchbox to make a strong return but they need to focus more on what people want.

  9. All good cars. But im not looking forward too seeinh these any time soon. Because the issues with the stores getting the matchbox cars in too them. I know i still havint seen the matchbox case before this case. So I'll be surprised too see this case any time soon.

  10. All good cars. But im not looking forward too seeinh these any time soon. Because the issues with the stores getting the matchbox cars in too them. I know i still havint seen the matchbox case before this case. So I'll be surprised too see this case any time soon.

  11. This gotta be one of the most rubbish cases Matchbox has ever released. Only 3 cars worth looking at out of 24. 3 OUT OF 24!!! All the rest of it is utter garbage and waste of money. I think Mattel is being run by imbeciles who have zero knowledge about how distribution is done or how the die cast world works.

  12. Just remember that it was only a few months ago hat the new team started working on distribution. It is a two-way street. The stores in your area need to order as well. So, give it time. Decisions on what to stock now we're made by retailers awhile ago. And in the meantime, contact your retailer and tell them you want matchbox…

  13. I agree it is not a strong case, but why the hyperbole? First off, I usually buy between 2-4 models out of any given 72-count Hot Wheels case. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But I don't think those cases are rubbish. I just know that is the percentage aimed at me. Same with Matchbox. I do expect there to be a few more models I want, and I am especially frustrated with what models were selected as multiples. That is why I expressed my opinion, and I know Mattel read it.

    What I didn't do is say that they know nothing and criticize them. Does that give your comment any credence now? Your comments are always good, but saying that about a team that listens and is doing all they can to improve the line, and trust that they are, doesn't make sense.

    I promise all these comments will be read at the next team meeting…

  14. John not sure if you were referring to me about criticizing the MBX team. I think the team is doing a great job the models are some great designs. My criticism is with Mattel. I'm not sure who dose R&D or marketing the team or Mattel. If it is the team I apologize. However something is not working still. I agree 100% they need to put more licensed models in these cases now because as you said the retailers will not stock them because they are not selling. If I were to write Target or any other retailer about stocking and they put this case on the pegs you and I know what would happen. There would be way more sitting but if they put more licensed models chances are the pegs would be cleaned to the bone. That is where my frustration comes in. It really is common sense business wise. If they stock after me suggesting they go back to carrying them again they will not listen to me or anyone else again! I supported MBX all my life except my teenage years. So I'm dedicated they need to show the same dedication. I will contact not only Target but others and ask them to restock and others to please stick with MBX. I can do that, I post here as much as possible so I will do my part. I will even ask collectors I'm in contact with on other outlets to do the same, I just hope I'm not disappointed in the end!

  15. The new Matchbox team is doing a good job but this case does certainly seem a step backwards. I think a lot of the frustration expressed by collectors in the comments above comes from the fact they know there is little chance of getting the vehicles they want when there is only 1 in the case and retailers have either stopped carrying Matchbox altogether or are restocking less often. Matchbox have shrunk the count sizes of cases to just 24. Maybe it is time to shrink the Matchbox range from 120/125 down to 80 to take this fact into account. I'm sure most people could easily list 30/40 vehicles from the last couple of years that they wouldn't be sad not to see again.

  16. Excellent point Colin!They go down to 80 or 90 until everything gets worked out atleast. Makes a lot of sense,this is what I was talking about that is so frustrating. We can come up with ideas that make logical sense but someone there just isn't getting it. I love that their trying but seems to me not everyone is on the same page!

  17. I agree that this case is rather week. Other than some highly sought after models such as the Tesla Model S and Dodge Charger pursuit, there doesn't seems to have any noteworthy vehicles, but I am intrigued by the Zamboni though.

  18. John…the team are big boys…if the truth hurts, they need to push their upper management to fix it. I am not in the business to make everyone feel good about my hobby. They (Mattel) are failing, their product is disappearing from shelves and stores all over the world…it is not a rosy picture and I will not paint one for them or for this page that they read.

  19. I don't think I am painting a rosy picture. I root for the brand, and I have been fortunate enough to get to know the guys, and I can say they really do pay attention, and handle the criticism well. I will note that I heard from the team over the weekend about this very subject, saying that assortments have to be approved. There is SO MUCH to fix, and they are doing all they can to fix it. So yes, I will defend the team, and focus on the successes when I can.

  20. My comment wasn't aimed at Matchbox. Read it again, I never said Matchbox. I said Mattel. I am supporter of the current team at Matchbox, since I know they are doing everything they can to bring the brand back to its glory. But at the same time, I see Mattel or whoever it in in charge of distribution and licensing is trying to hold them back.

  21. How do you get on the “list” to be able to order these cases of Matchbox cares direct from Mattel? My online searches only lead me to sales of cases in which to keep the cars.

    Also, can anyone comment on the very obvious lack of Matchbox stock in major retailers…both in my former home in Albany, NY and here in VA…Walmart, Target and Toys R Us have only a handful of 5 packs and that's it. Thanks Dave

  22. For the past 10 years, i've been a blue completist, but over the years only a new model for mbx. Glad to see some new models on the pegs, as the other night I picked up 7. Still no limo though.

  23. For the past 10 years, i've been a blue completist, but over the years only a new model for mbx. Glad to see some new models on the pegs, as the other night I picked up 7. Still no limo though.

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