The February Sale at Wheel Collectors starts now….

February Sale at Wheel Collectors

You asked for it again, so Wheel Collectors has obliged.

Wheel Collectors just started their limited February Sale, and like most of their sales, there is a ton to be had at heavily cut prices.  Matt & Matt and the gang at Wheel Collectors have put over 1000 items on sale, and they are all available here:

February Sale at Wheel Collectors

Once again, all brands are part.  Hot Wheels of course, including several premium lines like Boulevard and Garage.  Matchbox, Greenlight, M2, some current and some old.  Just follow that link and start scrolling.  You are bound to find some stuff you like, at the cheapest price on eBay.

And as always, no one works harder at customer satisfaction that the guys at WC.  If there is a problem, they will do all they can to make it gets resolved.  They want happy customers, and they have quite a few now.  There is no better online seller.

Good luck everyone!

3 Replies to “The February Sale at Wheel Collectors starts now….”

  1. It would be nice that one day you can leave the USA and utilise some of teh sales companies and businesses in other countries that we mere mortals can buy from without being right royally shafted on postage costs, I had a friend send me 8 plastic containers for diecast, you know the ones, the ones for threads etc – and the price they sent them to me was HALF what a couple of hot wheels cost from these sellers, (general term, not specific to any one person or business) I can get items sent to me from most European countries for pennies on the dollar it costs to come from the USA, i am having the Best Of series sent to me at the moment – nearly $40 postage, i agreed to pay it, so not complaining, but really it is about time that you reward the many hundred of NON USA centric counties with help for where they can get models from nice and cheaply – after all, there is a world outside of the USA.

  2. Hey Jon. Look to the side. There is an ad for Modelmatic. UK-based seller. And what about Moyshop in Germany, that I have featured several times? Not to mention Japan Booster, which ships free all over the world.

  3. Jon,

    It works both ways. I found a model on eBay that is $5 form the Netherlands. Shipping s over $26. I also saw an HO sale plastic model with over $50 to ship to the USA. The reason is if it is to meet the eBay rules it needs to be tracked and insured. No exceptions if it gets lost. Also, there is no longer surface shipping to ROW from the USA. This has driven the costs way up. Most of the shippers have gone away from or made it difficult to use the regional rates. Everything is flat rate so there are limited options.

    And to defend JTL, why would/should he look around the world? He is in the USA and (mainly)collects models from American companies. But as he said, he has promoted many European and Japanese sellers. As for distribution, for every maker from the USA you can't get in ROW, there are equal or greater makers from the ROW I can't get here in the USA:

    Again it isn't just one sided. Trading used to be fun and common. Now it is mainly I will sell models for a profit (although sometimes modest.)I just don't think you are being fair to JTL who is just playing and talking about his little toy cars.

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