The Matchbox Best of World ’93 Foxbody Mustang LX SSP is…uh, well…Foxy…

You know that feeling when you approach the pegs and see them overflowing?  You get there and rummage through, thinking that one model you have been looking for is bound to be there.  But the more you search, it starts to become abundantly clear that someone got there before you and found what you were looking for.

I think that is going to happen with this Matchbox Best of the World Mustang.

The CHP debut of the Foxbody was like that.  It seemed it was months after its debut that you might find one hanging on the pegs, and even then it was an event to find one.  And for good reason.  This casting is a star.

With all the goodwill Matchbox is bringing back this year, I think it is the Foxbody that started it.  Moreso than the A100 and BMW 1M, mainly because as great as those castings are, they will still released among a sea of exaggerated off-road nincompoops.  But the Foxbody begat the Alfa 4C and Chevy Silverado, which begat the Tesla Model S, Lambo LM002, BMW M5, Caddie One, and on and on.  The ’93 Mustang is from an era that isn’t yet classic, and not at all current, and it is a police car.  A wonderful, unique choice for a $1 car.

And now it’s donning some stunning formalwear for the Best of line.  So let’s have a gander.

Before we do, go get your best headphones or speakers, crank this song from Jungle in the video below, and only then you can scroll through the photos.  In slow motion.  This model is too cool to NOT have a soundtrack.

(Then go back and learn the dance moves because they will be the happy dance steps you do when you actually find this model.  Then it will be your soundtrack when you come around the corner in slow motion with your Mustang in hand, while that next collector looks in awe.  You badarse you.)

Alright, bob that head and check this beauty out.

16 Replies to “The Matchbox Best of World ’93 Foxbody Mustang LX SSP is…uh, well…Foxy…”

  1. I'm just not seeing premium in this model. It's a decent casting, but still cheap looking and certainly not helped by those terrible low profile knobby oversized wheels. There's so many better brands out there to spend my money on.

  2. I'm with you. Perhaps author is a Fox-Body nut? Not big on the quarter window casting (looks too big to be accurate), and the detail in what's supposed to be a “premium” model is underwhelming. 2 minutes with Tamiya paints, a fine-tip brush, and a standard-issue CHP SSP model and I could easily have a better looking car than this.

  3. Even though as nice as this car is, I still think Matchbox could have easily done it better. You look at the card artwork, then look at the actual model and think “that looks a bit off”. The body should have been lower to the ground. Right now, it looks too 'off road-ish' and the tyres are certainly not helping.

    Still, a great (licensed) model with a great livery! Something we can be happy about.

  4. I am not sure if I am crazy about this version anymore. Those wheels, too off-roadish and out of proportion with the scale of the car. Stephen Cook said it best: oversized. These do not match with the car at all.
    I'm grabbing one for sure, but the CHP is clearly the best-looking one of the two.

  5. I can't believe all the negativism here!!! If you can't handle the final product…..leave it on the pegs for collectors that don't fret over small details like it sits a fraction of an inch too high!!! Really????

  6. This is a decent premium model and the wheels certainly don't look oversized to me. The only complaint on this model is it's high stance which has been the case since day 1 from the mainline version. It's nothing new.

  7. The details are what matters in a premium model. Mattel only needs to look at the Greenlight Fox body 'stang to see how Google this model could have been. Change doesn't happen when we collectors become passive to things like quality and details.

  8. I really, really don't understand why such an enthusiasm about this casting. What's so special ? It's a pretty ugly car, and not a very beautiful matchbox one.
    And those wheels, seems to get ready for winter, snow tires !

  9. This one, not really. But the BMW, the LaRo and the A100 from the series are gougious 🙂
    Nevertheless I would buy if I could, only the regular series are available overhere…..

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