Get in line: Kyosho Ferrari Series 11 is now out at Japan Booster…

That little surprise from Kyosho has finally arrived.

While everyone speculated as to whether or not Kyosho still had the license to their 1:64 Ferrari “Model Kits”, they were quietly working on the latest Ferrari Series.  They surprised us last month with the news, and now the Ferrari set is here, and all the models are at available at Japan Booster:

Kyosho Ferrari Series 11 at Japan Booster

Like most of the previous sets, this Series is a great mix of new and old.  We have seen some of the casting before, but many have been near impossible to find, so it is great to have them back.  The highlights for many will be the 458 Speciale A and 488 GTB, two of the newer Ferraris, but all will most likely be gobbled up.

And just to clarify, Kyosho releasing this set has no bearing on other Ferrari licenses, most notably Mattel.  Kyosho has always gotten around the exclusivity of the Ferrari license by releasing their models partially assembled, therefore technically making them model kits instead of diecast models.  Pretty clever idea.

One way or the other, it is great to see Ferrari back.

(Don’t wait on these models.  They will go fast, and the price will go up over time.  Also, pool with your friends if you want.  Orders over $50 always have free shipping.)                                    

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  1. Kyosho has two lines, Kyosho Original and Kyosho Minicar. These are the Minicar series. The Original line is more widely available and also much more expensive. The Minicar series is exclusive to Circle K/ Sunkus convenience stores. Circle K also sells them on their website directly, Karuwaza Online, by you have to live in Japan to order off the site.

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