Just Unveiled: The entire 2016 Matchbox Best of World Series…

Will 2016 be the Year of Matchbox?

Hard to say, but the brand will definitely put its best foot forward.  We have already seen the 2016 A Case, and there is a lot to like, so that is a good start.  We also know 2016 will see the debut of the Mazda Miata, VW  Transporter Pickup, and maybe the most anticipated Matchbox in awhile, the ’71 Skyline.  Not to mention the 2016 Gathering in July, where 2017 will be previewed.  Yummy.

Further evidence is in the Best of the World premium line, which makes its debut on the Lamley Youtube Channel today.  10 models, enhanced deco, and two-piece wheels a la Read Riders.  You can see all the models with packaging in the video below, and photos are coming soon here to the blog.  Some have already been showcased loose, but here is the set in its entirely, including the never-before-seen ’93 Mustang LX SSP.

This is only the beginning.  Let’s hope this line leads to even bigger and better things from Matchbox.

Many thanks to Matchbox for letting me share these.  Enjoy the video and check back for a full photo post soon:

16 Replies to “Just Unveiled: The entire 2016 Matchbox Best of World Series…”

  1. The wheels on this look like LEGO
    1st time in history that mainline wheels look better than Rubber tired wheels

    A Metal Base and some good looking Wheels would be “Premium”…
    why is a huge Company like Mattel not able to make a similar Quality ,
    like Greenlight – a small Company – for example?
    Basic Line is getting better then the past years, but this “premiums”? not for me thanks.

  2. Looks to be a really nice lineup, thanks for the video!

    Although, I am disappointed that there were no tampos on the headlights of the SSP…detailing on that part would really have really enhanced the appeal of that model even more.

  3. I agree I'm not fan of those wheels. To see in hand.

    But BIG INFO on the back of the blister : why a French translation ?! Matchbox isn't even sold in France ! Is that supposed to mean this serie will be ? Would be very nice !

  4. Realistic models? Check.
    Details? Check.
    Rubber tires? Check.
    Paper box? Check.
    Anticipation? Check.
    Effort? Check.
    Metal base? No
    Availability? BIG NO.
    So at the end, does it matter if i like them or not? No

    No Best of World for the Rest of World.

  5. Those look great, hoping they land in the UK! Think the SSP Mustang is the highlight for me, although I really like the Mini van and BMW too (nice to see its a 1M rather than M1 again). Future model suggestions?: BMW M5 police in uk 'battenberg' style livery, Classic NYC Checker cab, pimped out VW Caddy van…

  6. It's safe to assume that *most* users on any given website won't read big blocks of text, especially if it's in the context of a picture-heavy blog 🙂

    that said….not your fault 😛 I'm just happy to be here enjoying whatever formats you're taking the time to share with all of us fans

  7. What I would like to see:
    68 Mustang California Special
    71 Firebird Formula
    Cadillac CTS (coupe or convertible)
    Olds Vista Cruiser
    Cadillac Hearse
    Isuzu Amigo
    Porsche Panamera
    69 Camaro hardtop
    70 Plymouth Cuds
    Holden Ute

    Others I will have to think of later

  8. Cool line! I must say that Caddy looks fantastic in blue with the black roof. The Lamborghini is surprisingly great looking as that model regardless of who makes it never really gets my attention! My other two favorites are the London Bus and the SSP Mustang. Thanks for the video!

  9. Eye-candy! love that new Mustang LX SSP.
    Any police vehicle is always welcome. European, American, Japanese, doesn't matter as long as it has light bars, beacons or sirens, and authentic regional Police Force livery.

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