Tomica Limited Vintage goes to Europe and Gran Turismo! Alfa, Audi, BMW, and Nissan 2020 Vision are now out!

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

Santa Clause strikes again!

The HUGE December Batch from Tomica Limited Vintage has been released, and Japan Booster has them all:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

TLV Alfa Romeo at Japan Booster

And not only is the is batch huge, it is full of all kinds of interesting models.

First off, TLV went Euro, with the release of the first ever TLV Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior, along with two Audi 80’s and two BMW 325i’s.  Two of the German cars are even in police livery, which is extra cool.  It is very cool to see these Euro TLV’s, and as always they casting choices are fantastic.  Of all, I cannot wait to see the Alfas.

But TLV is keeping to their Japanese roots as well.  At least kind of.  Yes, there is a nostalgic model, the INSANELY cool Nissan Safari Tank Police from the Seibu Keisatsu Series, but that is the only one.  The other two are Nissan Concepts developed for Gran Turismo off of the Nissan GT-R, the 2020 Vision.  I don’t know what to make of the real car, but having the small scale will be very interesting.  I cannot wait to feature these.

Because yes, all are coming here.  And I will of course do a box opening on the YouTube Channel, as well as a photo feature here on the blog.  Speaking of, the last package from Japan Booster just arrived, and it is full of something I haven’t featured before, the new Tomica Premium Series.  I open it here:


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  1. The Tomica Premium line has actually been out for a few months. It replaces the Tomica Limited line.

    Also, that Skyline GT-R V Spec II Nür is a Tomy Mall original. Those models sold really well…

  2. Well, that Safari was the 2nd of the Super Machines to be developed for the show, and it also utilises very high pressure water cannons against the bad guys.

    The trailer is also for storing water.

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