The Hot Wheels RLC Gassers are arriving, and a clear variation has emerged. Which did you get?

The RLC Candy Striper ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gassers have started to arrive, and an interesting discovery has been made.  There is a very distinct color variation on the roof stripes:

Some have bright pink stripes, like the loose model in the front, and others have a florescent pink color that almost appears orange, like the packaged model.  If this model wasn’t desirable enough, now we have a variation to pursue.

Once a variation is discovered, the first question is always which of the two is more rare?  I have no idea, so my hope is that we can discover for ourselves.  So I am asking you to report which variation you received here in the comments section.

Here is what I know:

  • The bright pink stripe model has a base code of G49 and its card number is 0109/4000.
  • The florescent/orange stripe model has a base code of H22 and its card number is 2585/4000.
  • I have also seen two more bright pink stripe models, one coded G37 and numbered 977/4000, and the other coded G40 and numbered 0031/4000.
Based on that is appears that there was a big gap in production (at least 25-30 weeks), and the second batch of models got the florescent/orange striping.  But that is only based on what I have seen, and that is definitely not a large enough sample size.  I have checked on eBay and when the seller mentions the card number, the pattern seems to be consistent.
So if your model has already arrived, or when it does arrive, check the roof stripe color, the base code, and the card number, and let’s try to figure out at about what number the switch happened.  At that point we might be able to figure out which of the two is the more rare variation.
If anything, I hope you think the Gasser is as pretty as I think it is…  

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  2. What I DO KNOW is THIS particular car will forever be remembered as the release that hopefully set the scene for a new state of fairness and functionality on what has been one of the most miserable websites EVER.

  3. Rec’d #3468/4000 base code H22. Has Flor. Orange stripes on top. IMHO it ‘s seems from scanning E-Bay that a division of the variant lies at 1500/4000 made with the Pink Stripes on top and 1501-4000/4000 made with Flor. Orange Stripes on top. 1500 with Pink and 2500 with Orange……….this again is MHO.

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