#ForTheBeals, Another opportunity for the Diecast Community to come together and help…

Beal Family Fundraising Auction

I could start this post with the ample amount of examples of collectors coming together to help a fellow diecast nerd.  We have seen it several times here with Lamley readers, and numerous times at conventions and other events.  It is cool to see.

We have another opportunity to help, and we hope you all get involved.

If you are on Instagram, there is a good chance you have seen the Hot Wheels feeds flooded with photos of pink customs under the hashtag #ForTheBeals.  There is a specific reason.  Just recently, the wife of collector and customizer Adam Beal (@extremehwm2_collector) was diagnosed with breast cancer.  That is an ordeal that no one or no family should go through.  But cancer must have forgot about the Hot Wheels community.

Immediately, Greg Hanna (@gh_customs) and Adam’s fellow customizers mobilized, creating pink customs to auction off to raise funds for the care that Adam’s wife will need.  There are photos of the customs below, created by many artists that you have seen featured here on Lamley.  The pieces are beautiful, and worth having even without this worth cause.

The auction started today and will run through December 3rd, and the lots are all at the link below, listed by eBay seller @salesbaron:

Beal Family Fundraising Auction

There is another cool development.  Our friends at Hot Wheels got wind of the fundraiser, and considering there was an RLC model on sale last week that was MORE than aproppriate, they got involved.  Hot Wheels has donated a very special lot to the auction:

1.   HWC ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (in pink) signed by the model’s designer Brendon Vetuskey and the model’s graphics designer Steve Vandervate
2.   Original, one-of-a-kind pink marker sketch of the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser by designer Brendon Vetuskey
3.   18×24” poster of the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser card art, signed by the Hot Wheels Design Team:
·         Steve Vandervate, Hot Wheels Graphics
·         Mike McClone, Hot Wheels Graphics
·         Jerry Thienprasiddhi, Hot Wheels Graphics
·         Dmitriy Shakhmatov, Hot Wheels Design
·         Jeremy Cox, Hot Wheels Graphics
·         Leeway Chang, Hot Wheels Graphics
·         Brendon Vetuskey, Hot Wheels Design
·         Mark Jones, Hot Wheels Design
·         Philip Riehlman, Hot Wheels Design
·         Fraser Campbell, Hot Wheels Design
·         Jun Imai, Hot Wheels Design
·         Bryan Benedict, Hot Wheels Design

More than anything else, we wish the best to Adam’s wife and family as they push through this ordeal.  On top of that, we hope all can all get involved.  If bidding on the auction items isn’t your gig, you can donate to the cause by sending a paypal donation to jmbeal80@gmail.com.

Good luck to Adam and his family, and thanks to all for getting involved…

Bid, bid, and bid again!!

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  1. Some amazing customs and an even more incredible community that has banded together. Bidding on a couple – just wish Fedex could let me send the postage costs to the Beals too 😉

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