Case Report: Opening Matchbox 2008 Best of British, International, and Muscle Cases…

2008 Matchbox Best of British, International, and Muscle at Wheel Collectors
Let’s go back in time again…
We have said that we are going to have a lot of fun to case openings in the next few days and weeks.  Wheel Collectors is still going through the Milezone inventory and are finding all kinds of cool stuff, much of it still sealed.  I asked Wheel Collectors to document the opening of these cases when they got them so I could show on the blog.
Even better, they are sending me some that I will open and document myself.  I hope you will enjoy those unboxings on YouTube and Case Reports on the blog.  It should be fun…
Today we have a Case Report, and it is a good one.  As many of you are discovering just HOW GOOD Matchbox was a few years ago, here is another to appreciate.  In 2008, after the “New Superfast” line was cut back, Matchbox did a special line called “Best of British”, focused solely on British-made cars. It went very well, so that was expanded to “Best of International” and “Best of Muscle”.  The lines were only done once, but they produced some stunning models.
It is cool to see the “Best of” title coming back in 2015 with the upcoming “Best of the World” series, but here is where it started.
Wheel Collectors found two 2008 “Best of” case assortments, and documented their unboxing.  The great thing is that all of those models are now available at the link below:

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  1. Golden days of Matchbox. You are doing a great job in bringing the original potential of Matchbox to light. Hope things will go back to what it was.

    – Rajan

  2. When Matchbox was at its absolute best peak point! Just look at these beauties! And now compare it to today's models and (outside of the few great licensed cars) Matchbox has become a joke. Matchbox, are you seeing this? We need this, not the stupid plastic generic models. Bring more of licensed cars!

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