Lamley YouTube Channel: The brand new Hot Wheels Datsun 620 exclusive, plus Target Snowflake Cards…

A new video has just been posted on the Lamley Group YouTube Channel, this time highlighting a new 10-pack find at Walgreens and the new Target Snowflake Cards.  Look for some other 10-pack favorites as well.  Watch the video below and be sure to visit the Channel and subscribe:

Lamley Group YouTube Channel

It looks like the 2015 and 2016 multipack exclusives are crossing paths.  I have heard there is a new color of the Ford Gran Torino exclusive, found at Toys R Us, and I just found this brand new Datsun 620 exclusive today.  It looks great in 70’s brown, orange, and black.  There were other brand new exclusives as well.  Watch the video for details, and pics are below.

Thanks for all your support as I get this channel off the ground…

3 Replies to “Lamley YouTube Channel: The brand new Hot Wheels Datsun 620 exclusive, plus Target Snowflake Cards…”

  1. Nice to see you give the multi exclusive/only models a little love as this is a niche I'm very acquainted with. If you've been over at the HWC error/vari thread (which I know you have), I have a master visual list of all the multi window exclusive and multi only models that I try to keep updated on a semi-regular basis. (including wheel vari's of those models)

    Just to clarify, they've been using this format since 2011, the random insertion of previous years models/decos in new colors into the 9 packs. The two years prior (2009-2010) they had (like Matchbox) an “All Exclusive” 10 pack with all new colorways for that pack only.

    Love that Datsun wagon, and looking forward to the other two colors we'll see….

    You can always reach out to me for any info, love the pics you take! “musicvox”

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