November 7th Kmart Collector Days cases are now available online…

Just a heads up that the Kmart 36-count cases for the November 7th event are now available online at  And as a bonus, they are offering free shipping.

(UPDATE: Some are saying they are not seeing the Free Shipping option on one case.  Only on purchases over $49.  Maybe the Free Shipping offer I get had to do with past purchases.  I have purchased cases in the past.  Can anyone shed light on that?)

I am not attending the event this time, as I will be wondering through Southeastern Colorado with my youngest daughter, and I am positive the good people of Farmington, New Mexico don’t want me raiding their event.  Plus, it is still a couple of hours away from where I will be.

So I ordered a case, and was happy to take the Free Shipping offer, which from what I can tell means it is shipped the day of the event.  No problem there.

Anyway, if you can’t attend, or don’t have a nearby Kmart, or just want an extra case, you can find them here:

Nov 7th Kmart Hot Wheels 36-count cases

If you order a case, open it, photograph it, and tag us.  We would love to see what you found…

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  1. So my main question is will you do a quick review of the case before the 7th? Kinda would like to know what else to look for other than the kmart exclusive. Haven't really gotten any of the 2016 mainline cars here in the east coast yet. and now my wish list is going up 😛

  2. If he's unable to do a case rundown (surprised Wheel Collectors hasn't hit up the cases yet for a rundown), just search for B mix releases, as well as some A mix carryovers.

    As a whole, the cases should be nice.

  3. The way it should work…

    All collectors that are there for 9 are handed a ticket. Depending on how many cases they received (should ALWAYS be a multiple of 4, as the master case has 4 cases), they raffle off the chance to open a case and you have 5 minutes to pick 5 cars.
    –If there are more cases than people, then they will likely just set all the cases out and let each person open one case. Once that is done, they raffle off the chance to open the remaining cases. Afterwards, it's basically a free-for-all.
    –If there are more people than cases, they do the raffle. Once each case has been opened, depending on how many people are left, either they'll raffle off for the next round of people to go (if there's a bunch more people than cases), or just let the few remaining people just go for all and then let those who opened the cases in after a few minutes.

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