The 2006 First Editions AMG-Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM remains one of the best models Hot Wheels has ever done…

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Was the title of this post done to get your attention?


But I do mean it.  It seems that when Mercedes and Mattel broke up, the brand that took the biggest hit was Matchbox.  But Hot Wheels had a few irons in the fire that had to be put out as well.  One of its biggest casualties was the superb CLK DTM.

The CLK DTM was a great choice by Hot Wheels.  The real car is rare to say the least, with only 100 versions of the hardtop produced (80 convertibles were also made).  Numbers like that instantly make the car legendary, but it was performance that truly made this car memorable.  And with a heritage of speed and performance, this was a perfect Hot Wheels car.

But while this model vanished a couple of years ago, the loss isn’t as bad as it could have been.  After its 2006 debut, we saw the CLK DTM in the lineup a couple of years after that.  But not one of those subsequent versions came even close to the looks of the First Edition.  In fact, the First Edition, done in five versions, is all you really need in your collection.

I will give you a little insight on how I collect Hot Wheels.  It seems to be a general rule at the blue brand that the first version they do of a model will be decorated as close to stock as possible.  After that, there is no telling what the model might look like.  Sometimes the deco is fantastic, other times hideous.  But you count on the first version being the closest to stock, or at least the real it was based on.

Because of that, there is a plethora of Hot Wheels in my collection that are one or two-cars deep.  I add the First Editions, and leave anything afterwards.  Yes, there are some models that I will keep collecting no matter how ugly the model is, but for most, all I need is the First Edition.

The CLK DTM falls right into that category.  The 2006 First Edition in its 5 versions is almost perfect.  It debuted in black with silver stripes, but with no racing livery.  That way the model looked street ready with a nod to the racing car:

The model was then recolored in dark metallic grey with black stripes.  That was great, especially with the perfect 10-spoke wheels – AND with an FTE variation – but Hot Wheels did one better.  At the same time they released the grey version, they released another version with no black stripe, clearly paying homage to the stock street version:

That meant three different decos, on two different wheels, all in the same year.  The later releases couldn’t touch the First Edition, and I have had no desire to collect them.  I am perfectly content with what I have.

That doesn’t mean I won’t collect more versions in the future.  If Hot Wheels and Mercedes-Benz ever mend their differences, hopefully we will see this one again, especially in premium form.  Imagine this in the Car Culture series, donning full racing attire with Real Riders?  Yeah, that would be an instant addition to the collection.

But if it doesn’t happen, I am cool with these.

And one other thing.  Imagine if this model were to debut this year?  With its racing style this model would surely fall into the “track-ready” category, and I can’t imagine what it would look like now, up-sloped chin and all.  Let’s just say I am very happy it was released in 2006, not 2015.

(Find the Hot Wheels AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM on eBay…)

16 Replies to “The 2006 First Editions AMG-Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM remains one of the best models Hot Wheels has ever done…”

  1. It is easily the best Mercedes casting they had done.

    The 2007 Code Car releases in silver/gray and red/black were also really nice.

    The 2008 Web Trading series ones… ugh…

    The 2009 Dream Garage release was nice in a simple racing deco.

  2. As for the interior, it's a minor issue. Chrome interiors are common place, typically a “necessary evil” for some releases, especially when part numbers limits are in place.

    As for taillight tampos, well… nothing out of the ordinary.

    The overall quality of the casting itself is very high.

  3. Dog turds on my front lawn are commonplace and a necessary evil in the pet owner's mind. This does not mean that I will accept and learn to love them. I like the casting, but Mattel's attention to detail and cost-cutting is why I stopped collecting them.

  4. Yeah I gotta say that I have been enjoying this model and it is one that i truly want. I like how its such a good casting yet, it hasnt been brought out in recent years. But hey, there is still some hope in the future. But yeah, one of the models I really want and havent been able to find once in a flee market or Hot Wheels toy show. Someday my love.

  5. Then thats your problem mon, you gotta love da poop and feel good its not inside your house mon.Wait? why are you referring this car or Mattel to turds? They are not that bad. So you've stopped collecting because of because of the lack of detail to make a Hot Wheels car $1 which really refers to missing tail light tampo….which they have been doing since 1968. Dont think its going to change much. What could you be possible be collecting now? Is it something with higher detail and a greater price per casting?

  6. Or is it the fact that you forgot that Hot Wheels was meant to be a kids toy collection and partially an adults collection? They have to meet kids expectation by coming up with some weird castings as well as missing tampo light…cause kids dont complain about that,

  7. I have two, and even with the chrome interior, it's still a great model though. If it bothers you that much, you can always paint the tail lights yourself. I rather have a model that was casted to the exact specifications of the real thing, than to have one that was out of proportion; even if it did have headlight and tail light tampos.

    As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

  8. I realize they are only a buck, and there lies the problem. Mattel has held this price for well too long, and both Matchbox and Hotwheels have suffered. They are cost-cutter brands. There was a time – 40 to 50 years ago – when both brands were quality toys. Raise the price 50 cents or so and give us a damn proper interior and tampo. An operable part like an opening hood would be most welcome as well.

  9. Ok fit is untrue that prices have to go up for quality purposes, the problem that lies in Mattel is over production of crap! If Mattel was to slice in half it's production of crap they would sell significantly more product, I have always said Mattel's marketing stradegy stinks. They do not track what is selling therefore they just keep producing. This is Mattel's biggest problem, if they would figure out what the consumer wants and produce that they would sell more. They feel they have to have a repaint every year. Overkill imo why not do repaints every other year put out more new LICENSED models then more would sell. When they make more money quality will get better but until they figure out who their selling to nothing will change. And PLEASE lets forget about this idea that they need to market to children nonsense. Children are playing video games or on ipads these days, it's a shame because imagination goes out the window. Adults are thee biggest buyers of MBX HW or any other diecast product on the market. Have to give it to GL and M2 they know who their demographic is, there is no over saturation of their product on pegs. Mattel has the means to mass produce but puts out more crap that sits on pegs for years. Example I went into a Target just last week and in the back of the new stuff there was three year old stuff. Over production plain and simple, the problem is the retailers are getting stuck with it. If you were aretailer would you place an order for multiple cases if you had three year old product still sitting? Think I hear everyone answering the same infatic NO!

  10. Sorry Mega but unless Mattel agrees to put hologram stickers on Mercedes products we will not see them. Yea you read that right, Mattel has refused since this casting was last released to put a sticker on a package??????

  11. That may be changing. Matchbox is adding the freightliner Fire Pumper to the 2016 mainline, and Freightliner, like Mercedes and Smart, is part of Daimler. I'll expect a Mercedes to appear in the Matchbox and Hot Wheels lineups around 2017.

  12. This is a really nice model. Great proportions, a great casting. Mercedes won the DTM Championship in 2005 with the AMG C Class against the all-conquering Audi, so maybe they allowed a commemorative last hurrah for the long and very productive Mercedes-Benz-Hot Wheels partnership.

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