Case Report: Opening a 2015 Matchbox M Case…

Find the M Case Models at Wheel Collectors

It is time to bring Matchbox into the Case Report fold.

With things definitely on an upwards trajectory with Orange, it seems, at least to me, a prudent idea to see what is in each case.  Of course one of the appears of doing a Hot Wheels Case Report is to see if a Super is hidden within, and that obviously is not the case with Matchbox.  But, considering Matchbox cases are only 36 cars per case, it is interesting to see what assortments there are.

Which seems to be a good place to mention a topic that I have heard the Matchbox team talk about, based on comments from Lamley readers.  Through all the Matchbox-related topics that have been discussed here, distribution and the unavailability of certain models has dominated.  It starts with the fact that some areas don’t see new Matchbox, but beyond that, 36-count assortments are not very big, and the good stuff can easily be gobbled up by the first person that encounters the batch.  A new case could be pegged, and within a half-day what is left is just more generics.

That is why the Matchbox team is looking into assortments, and making sure the most desirable licensed models have the highest numbers.  That gives more people a chance to get the models they want.

Of course the best solution is to have the cases full of desirable models, and I think over time that will happen.  Not all models will be licensed, but I think more realistic models will start dominating the pegs again.  And hopefully the best of the bunch will have the highest numbers.

So as we do Case Reports with our friends at Wheel Collectors, we will have to check the assortments and see what they look like.  Happily, this case appears to get it right.

So here we go.  A Matchbox 2015 M Case, opened by Wheel Collectors and pulled 3-by-3:

(Find the M Case Models at Wheel Collectors)

A very interesting case.  Still a lot of uninteresting models from the last Matchbox era, but that is to be expected.  My guess is that moving forward you won’t see models like the 4×4 School Bus and Vantom in the mainline much more.

But the frustration of those models is definitely overshadowed by two of the more highly anticipated models of 2015, the Cadillac One Limo and Jeep Willys 4×4.  And thankfully they come in this batch as at least 2 or more models.  This is a good sign.

There are a lot of debut models here, and frankly I don’t know which of them are completely new outside of the Limo and Jeep.  Maybe my Lamley partner David Tilley can fill me in.

All in all, some really nice models to add to the collection…

18 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2015 Matchbox M Case…”

  1. I think Hardnoze is new as well. It's a shame they chose such an unsightly generic that should not be seen outside of Hot Wheels. They could have done something like a Striker 1500, as it would have fit in with the 4-parts rule, since it only has two axles, unlike the other two larger models offered by Oshkosh.

    In general, though it's an OK batch. Not a whole lot that's awful. Almost all the licensed ones in this set I'll be getting. The missile launcher, tractors, 4×4 bus and fire engine all have great decos.

  2. Found this assortment at target this week. Got all the models I wanted. Even bought the hardnoze yes its a fantasy model but the execution is excellent would like to see it out later in red or neon green.
    Bad news is if this assortment is coming we missed the J and K cases no F150 and who knows what else. Come on Matchbox.

  3. I'll tell you… I'm not going to race to find the Willys Jeep because I'm not too too familiar but since it is a REAL vehicle and not a fantasy model.. it looks pretty intriguing.

    Now the Caddy limo on the other hand.. i'll snatch that up pretty quick. I've always loved Caddy's and this one is cool especially since I really don't have a real life limo in my ''fleet''.

  4. Ignoring all the generics, the small number of licensed vehicles are looking great as usual. But I really wish they could bring down the stance of the Willys comparable to the real vehicle. It's funny they put the tow hook on the generic casting Acre Maker, but not on the Jeeps.
    And why do we see the same version of the Gallardo Police in the mainline? Did I waste my time looking through the holes in the Power Grabs to fish this one out?

    – Rajan

  5. Any chance they'll be altering the packaging to let us know what year models they are? Having to guess at what year something was released to enter in my list at home is frustrating. Oh, and maybe a complete listing of models for the year like blue just did, with new models marked, as that's all I get from orange.

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