Lamley Poll: Which licensed Hot Wheels 2016 New Model are you most looking forward to?

We know of 17 so far, which doesn’t include the 2016 Acura NSX because it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Of course we don’t know exactly what all of these will look like, but based on the list, if you can only pick one, which will it be?

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25 Replies to “Lamley Poll: Which licensed Hot Wheels 2016 New Model are you most looking forward to?”

  1. Larry this is tough question to answer right now. I haven't seen only one of HWs version of the models and that was the 63 Chevy II. They need to put out more previews but for now I pick the Chevy very well done by HWs team on that.

  2. I believe he thought he was talking with me. I've been e-mailing back and forth with Mr. Nilsson. But since I was the last Matchbox Ambassador, you really don't want my honest opinion on what I think about Hot Wheels!!!!!

  3. I am absolutely worried at how the Renault will turn out. Pretty sure they'll make it orange-track ready. But if it's accurately-done (it's all it needs), dear Boyster put it in contention for Best Mainline Casting.

    The 3.0 CSL, though? If I'm right, the BMW Series will be like the Porsche Series that just went by, I'm not too scared. THAT one's going to be a winner by a landslide.

    Also look at which licensed cars go in which series. Showroom, Night Burnerz and Exotics run the licensed models that we like to fawn over, and the only new-4-2016 models that isn't in either three are the 260Z, which is in the Speed Graphics series and the CSL, which, fortunately, is in its own series with the M3 GT2 (isn't there a PowerPoint slide that had the tentative card design for the BMW Series that had that casting?).

  4. The model Im most curious about is the 911 GT3 RS. Most of the other new models have already been sneaked (356 Outlaw, Integra) and out of those which haven't I know the Ford GT & 3.0 CSL will turn out to be good (because previous BMWs and GTs have been good). The only car that I have no clue how it will turn up is the GT3 RS. I really hope they nail this one! Because its a car to be nailed. And I also hope the first colour is either Lava orange or Purple.

  5. I think they'll mess up most of those models. Specially the Ford GT, Renault, and porsche 911 gt3rs. Why wouldn't they? They did it last year with the Corvette C7R, Viper GTS-R and Aston Martin Gt3. Besides, out of 250 models, less than half are real cars. I had high hopes for this year, thinking that the mistake of losing Ferrari's licence would be better for us in that we'd get more licenced models. I was wrong.

  6. The Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a must have and speaking of that vehicle does anyone know if it's likely to go into production and if so would it be later this year or could we only expect to see them at retailers and even eBay sometimes next year? The sooner the better obviously but however in terms of retailers I shouldn't “hold my breath” simply because since I reside in Canada the Renault Sport R.S. 01s may not be available in my country for months & months (I know I shouldn't have negative thoughts). Finally the Porsche 356A Outlaw seems appealing or appealing enough for me personally.

  7. The fear-mongering is strong with this one. Stupidly strong.

    1. The 2017 Ford GT is not a race car, but a road car. And it's the halo car too. There's still discernable amounts of detail by the front bumper for HW to translate.
    2. Yea, the alphanumeric code GT3 is on the name, but don't dismiss the 911 GT3 RS as a failure like the C7R. Porsche is quite stringent when it comes to this, so don't go around swinging and saying they'll jack the bumper that easily.
    3. While I am quite worried about the Renault, it's grouped in the Exotics series, not in the World Race or Race Team series. Together with Night Burnerz it's the one sub-line that nets the licensed cars and do it properly. Sure, the Renault is the most race car of the bunch but don't dismiss it.

    Open up a bit, Edgar.

  8. do i have reasons to open up? Since 2013 it's been dissapointment after dissapointment. Time will only tell, but when you live in a country where your only brand to collect is hot wheels, well, it really can get you. The C7R, Aston Martin GT3 or the Viper GTS-R didn't belong to any of those categories. Neither did the Mastretta. Or the 2015 Mustang. Or the Lotus Evora. I'm sorry, but until i don't see they changed their policy, i have no reasons to believe they won't fuck up.

  9. Depends on how the casting looks. We've all seen Hot Wheels take an awesome car and create a terrible casting of it. I'm willing to bet that the Renault Sport R.S. 01 and the 2017 Ford GT will both have those ridiculous over-sized rear wheels. Also, do we really need another Mustang casting?

  10. We get only hws. I'm sure most of them will be ruined by disproportionate size. Example the GTs, RS will get huge spoilers at the rear, sloped chins, truck tires at the rear and so on. I think these should be made by MBX, they can do justice to licensed vehicles.

  11. I have been disappointed in the last few years releases as far as scal and appearance. Hope they can get it right but that's only hope so we will see. I hope they do a good job on the Ford GT ND I hoped for more of the Racecar than street car.

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