Opening a huge box of Golden Era Matchbox…

I had a little fun today.

And considering my office is still torn up following last weekend’s flood, and I have been working the last few days trying to prevent another flood, this was a refreshing break.

A few days ago I bought a small loose collection of Matchbox.  I have been touting the brand for awhile now, showing how great Matchbox was only a few years ago, and watching with the rest of you as they slowly return to glory.  Needless to say, since meeting the new team at the Matchbox Gathering in July (follow them at @matchboxworld on Instagram), and learning about where things are going, I have been on a massive Matchbox kick.

And that prompted me to want to fill in some gaps on my “Golden Era” collection.  I have called 2006 to 2010 the last golden era of Matchbox, where realism was the focus and variety was the fun.  There are so many nice models from that time, and I want to make sure I have a good representation of those models.

So I called an old friend who is thinning out his collection, and a few days later three very heavy packages arrived:

Today I opened the first package, and without even unwrapping one model I was happy with my decision to buy these.  It also was further evidence that Matchbox should ALWAYS be opened.

And the fun continued from there.  So many cool models.  Standard releases, recolors, even special series like Stars of Cars.  It is amazing the output and variety of models.  So many of these would be so popular today, and maybe some of these tools are still in good enough condition for a rebirth.  We will have to see.

I only opened one box, and here are some of the highlights.  Two more boxes later this week…

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  1. I've never seen the BMW X5 in that rescue/ambulance color scheme before… I wish I had it!

    I love these early 2000 models as well – I was so excited when I first saw them in the stores. It was a wonderful revival for Matchbox – too bad it had to end…

  2. I wish I had all of those fantastic models. It is unfortunate that I didn't start fully collecting until the start of 2014 and I must have missed out so much in the golden era!

  3. I wish I had all of those fantastic models. It is unfortunate that I didn't start fully collecting until the start of 2014 and I must have missed out so much in the golden era!

  4. Is it true that for Matchbox for them to produce licensed versions of actual vehicles is more costly than generic versions? If so that's kind of ridiculous even though I'm enthusiastic about certain generic models and also why's it's ridiculous is because its Hot Wheels counterpart can produce licensed models for the most part so why is Matchbox the exception especially since Matchbox & Hot Wheels are both subsidiaries of Mattel,incidentally,speaking of generic models I've noticed that at local retailers that they are still languishing (did I use the correct term?) on pegs so when I think about it the reason could be because they potentially are unappealing to most customers as far as I'm concerned.

  5. It's always more costly when dealing with anything that has to be licensed. And yes, most generic/fantasy models are unappealing so they will sit on the pegs for a very long time.

  6. Alright but would you know the reason why Hot Wheels can easily afford to produce licensed versions of actual vehicles more than Matchbox can afford? Like I pointed out both Hot Wheels & Matchbox are subsidiaries of Mattel.

  7. Think the cab was from around 01-02, Range Rovers. Wouldn't it be nice to see an updated version and a long lost Benz. Hey MB how about putting holograms on the packs so we can get some updated Benz's?????

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