Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch J is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Another quick heads up that Hot Wheels has just released the next batch of Retro Entertainment, and it is now available at Wheel Collectors.  The link is here:

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch J

This is an interesting batch.  My guess is most interest will be the new casting, Tom Cruise’s Kawasaki Motorcycle, and James Bond’s Corvette, especially with those wheels.  I don’t think they are new wheels, but we can verify that once we have one to preview.  Batmobiles will always make a few of you happy, as well a couple of classic cars from two classic shows.  I just with the Brady Bunch car came with a couple of bikes.

Actually, come to think of it, the Checker Cab might be a new model too.  Who can fill me in?

A solid batch for sure…

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  1. Like to purchase the die cast Kawasaki bike but if I don't see it in retailers I might (just might) purchase it on eBay (that is if Ebay will sell this type of bike) or perhaps I'll purchase on Ebay a die cast HW brand Yamaha bike because either way they're Japanese bikes and so far I've purchased HW brand American (Harley Davidson's),German (BMW),Italian (Ducati) bikes and now want an opportunity to purchase a Japanese bike (Kawasaki or Yamaha.)

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  3. The '56 Chevy Convertible appears to be derived from the previous '56 Chevy casting.

    Motorcycle and Checker Cab are indeed new castings. Can't wait to compare this Checker to the MBX one.

    The Corvette wheels indeed appear to be the moondisc wheels with the Corvette wheel tampo.

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