The blissful baddassery of the Greenlight ’78 Ramcharger & the All-Terrain Series…

Find the All-Terrain Series on eBay.

Not since Hitch & Tow has there been a home run like this from Greenlight.

And it has to be a home run if it grabbed my attention, because off-road vehicles rarely do.  You would think that a person who spends a good deal of time in Moab for work like I do would really be into the big off-road Jeeps and the like, but unfortunately I am not.  I can appreciate them, but I don’t know the first thing about them.

But this set is bursting with character, mainly with the two Broncos and ’78 Ramcharger, and to me is a must-have.  If it were all modern vehicles like the Jeeps and Dodge Ram, I wouldn’t be as into it, but those three retro behemoths really grabbed my attention, especially with all the wonderful attention to detail on each casting.

When I am in Moab, the off-roaders I see are all about utility and function.  Dirty as hell, supplies sitting on top or hanging off the side, and a nice hefty lift.  That is what makes this Greenlight set so special.  It isn’t just existing castings with large wheels on them, these are true off-roaders.  Spare tires, gas cans, removable tops.  It is all there.

And as great as they all are, nothing holds a candle to the ’78 Dodge Ramcharger.  There is just something special about that boxy shape of the classic Dodge pickups, and then when a 70’s deco and white rims are added, there is nothing better.  I have been going over other Greenlight models, and off the top of my head, I don’t think there is anything I like better from the brand than this one.  Maybe the Airstream, but that is it…

So have a gander, starting with the Ramcharger, and then go grab the models you want over at Wheel Collectors.


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  1. I wish one day someone like Greenlight will release a version of an Icon Bronco. But in the meantime, i'll take these for now… they are pretty awesome!

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