So has Matchbox caught your attention?

If you are on Instagram, you probably know that Matchbox has set the collecting world abuzz with some work-in-progress pics of the upcoming 1971 Nissan Skyline.  What they posted last night really got people talking:

This is the third photo they have posted of the Skyline in various stages of development, and they have promised that more are coming.  That means you need to be following @matchboxworld on Instagram ASAP.

It is a blast to see the reaction to the photos.  Tons of exclamation points, lots of sharing, and a great deal of excitement.  There is no doubt the Matchbox Skyline will be a hit.

We will get into the Skyline in much more detail soon, but what is most important is that collectors are talking about Matchbox.  And the Skyline is only part.

There is no doubt you have seen my excitement about Matchbox as well.  I have done quite a few Matchbox-focused posts on the blog lately, and that won’t stop.  There is just a ton, new and old, to show.  Plus, with the new regime at Matchbox focused on keeping collectors in the loop, there will always be news to share.

And then there are the models.  When I was shooting the Jaguar F-Type for last week’s feature, I gathered the other recent sports car releases from Matchbox and shot them together.  As great as it was to see these good-looking cars together, all with realistic decos and colors, it was even better knowing that all were released with the last year.

We haven’t seen an output like that from Matchbox in years, and all indications are that it will get even better.  That is exciting.

So the question is, are you taking notice?  Are you finding yourself moseying on over to the Matchbox pegs more often?  Are your eBay searches starting to include a little more orange?  If Instagram and Facebook are indicators, the answer for many of you is yes.

That doesn’t mean we are out of the woods.  There are still a lot of improvements to be made to make Matchbox as relevant as it once was.  That starts with more frequent releases and MUCH better distribution.  It also means better models, whether real or generic.

Matchbox seems to be figuring out again that realism sells, whether to kids or collectors, and that is definitely evident in the models below.  It is so nice to have Orange back in the game…

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  1. we would love, LOVE to have Matchbox here in Spain. But Mattel hasn't distributed them over here in years. Who do we have to write to? It's really frustrating because there's a Hot wheels monopoly here. While HW is OK, some of us would love to get MBX as well.

  2. So the question is, are you taking notice? Are you finding yourself moseying on over to the Matchbox pegs more often? UMM no, Because the distribution here in the UK is just so poor and unreliable that they might as well just not bother, for every one recent case (within 6 months) you get about 20-30 cases of very old stock, and kids and collectors alike know they are old, so take months to clear, which is no wonder stores are dumping matchbox, i live within 10 miles of at least 6 MASSIVE superstores, only one now carries matchbox, and they are so old, that i have collected over a thousand other branded models since they came out.

    As nice as it is to see decent models out and about, but if Mattel cant be bothered to sort out its sales team here and get more models into more stores, then you can release 120 brand new models next year, all of licensed cars, but no one will find them unless they over pay on eBay.

    WHY can they not have their own store, so many other brands do, they seem to be the only ones that don't, register, collect them, cut out the middle man, offer a special members model to encourage people to join, at a cost, i pay for Oxford Die-cast and Vanguards, and can pre order models, it is not hard, and not brain surgery, its just a case of we don't care, or that's how it comes across.

  3. I still want distribution issues regarding Matchbox to be resolved here in Canada.Is Mattel listening or once again do these issues lie with Canada Customs or Canadian Customs officials?

  4. I have to say, though i'm a US resident, some like myself, might take it for granted to have access to HW's and MBX products at numerous outlets. I've seen many responses about how collectors/buyers from other countries have very limited to no access at all to purchase the products.
    Is there a political process involved as to why Mattel can't sell/distribute it's products in other countries? I'll admit I don't understand if there are certain reasons; I may not be aware, but are there circumstances that explain why (MBX in this situation) their products aren't being sold outside the US and are being withheld?

  5. I live in Spain, where Matchbox is NOT sold. I went to London, hoping to find Matchbox. They were almost impossible to get. I could only find them at Poundland, i can't remember if they were up to date or not, because i had none of those models, but i didn't think it'd be so hard to find them in England.

  6. I'm starting to pick up MBX cars now since they are making a lot of nice foreign cars that Hotwheels hasn't made. As long as they make real cars, I will add them to my collection.

  7. matchbox, please fix your distribution. because you can even keep up with the demand for a tesla or a ford gt40 with the small amount t of collectors that currently collecting. increase the amount of quality collectible cars per box. because the over sized motorcycles and quads and strand utility vehicles should be the rarity per box not the sports cars like is currently going on. because currently your company is not ready for the demand that will be generated by the hype machine that is lamley for the nissan skyline.

  8. distribution in the us sucks too. just a bunch of weird utility things, fork lifts, cycles, and made up stuff, warming the pegs, you would swear thatthe intent is to produce stock that dooesnt sell.

  9. I can't say with certainty but now that you mentioned it but perhaps politics is playing a role in the inability or reluctance of Mattel to sell and or distribute their products outside your country but if politics has nothing to do with it than perhaps non-U.S. custom officials may be working at a “snail's pace” in inspecting but afterwards eventually distributing more and hopefully up to date products to retailers within those foreign countries.In my case and God forbid if Canada will no longer receive more and preferably up to date Matchbox products that will suck and even though your country is a foreign country that I most often frequent there are times when it's not always easy to travel to the U.S. even though I reside approximately an hour's drive from the U.S. border.

  10. Yeah distribution is crap down here in New Zealand as well unfortunately. Haven't seen any 'new' Matchbox for months as generic rubbish is clogging the pegs at all the stores near me.

  11. Tell me about it since I tend to notice a number of Matchbox brand generic models at pegs in local stores here in Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada,however,I notice that the non generic models tend to only or mainly be blue colored die cast BMW M1s for whatever reason and on top of that I don't believe they're selling like “hotcakes.”

  12. Please stop making so many boring utilitarian big wheel vehicles in wacky shades of dull. Please make vintage cars, a lot a lot of vintage cars. Matchbox is really good when they do it, so my favorite…

    Though we may never see them at UK retail :/

  13. Yeah.. if, like you say, U.S. Customs works like our Federal government.. they can work at their own pace, even though it's not a fast one. Slugs!
    After reading your response, I was reminded how Hot Wheels distributed a line in your neck of the woods that you might be familiar with, the ROADRCR line. It was hard to come by down here in the States, but I had to grab mine on E-bilk for a price. That type of situation with certain territory shipments for that line, left me scratching my head.
    I had the pleasure of visiting New Brunswick & Nova Scotia years ago.. nice trip!

  14. Although the detail is becoming most impressive I would still rather see more vintage models from the 40's,50's,60's and 70's filtered in. I would like to see more regular castings of common vehicles such as station wagons and 4 door family sedans and even some SUV's that have never been done such as a 2002 GMC Envoy, why in the world has no one done that casting yet?. How about an AMC Gremlin, a Pontiac Astre, 63 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab, 71 Chrysler Newport, 71 Plymouth Fury Sport?.

  15. No doubt that Matchbox rocks with all the recent releases. Mattel has to thank you for your continuous support in all your posts. The example of the skyline shown here is nothing short of TLV or a kyosho. Everything looks great except for the availability of the models. That's a serious problem the brand is facing which I'm sure is in the hands of Mattel to fix. If that's not fixed, all these posts would go meaningless.

  16. There cant be any real issues, as Hot Wheels and other Mattel and MBX branded items are for sale, so why not the little cars, the UK generally sells them for far far more than USA prices, i have seen prices about 89 cents in the US, and here we sell them for about £1.30 at normal prices, which is nearly $2.00, so look at all that profit, and before any says we pay tac, well not on children's toys we don't, and even if we did, they would still be about £1.09, or $1.65, so about twice what you guys pay, and we are happy to pay that, IF we could get them, which we can not.

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