First Look: 2016 Matchbox BMW M5 Police…

Authorized sneaks!

It seems appropriate that the day after announcing that Lamley would from here on out be unauthorized-sneak-peek-free, I run with an authorized sneak.  Even better, I sneak a model that is as good-looking as this one.

Since its release a couple of months ago, it seems the Matchbox BMW M5 Police has been a hit.  And why wouldn’t it be?  The casting is great, the livery is great, and even without the front and rear tampos the model looks great.  And it was a perfect choice.  I would never complain about a civilian M5, but the police car is more interesting.

And we now know it will return in 2016, and to mix it up by going “Police” instead of “Polizei”.  When I think of a BMW Police Car, especially an M5, I think Europe or Dubai, but I have no problem with this livery.  I would have preferred licensed of course, but this style looks really good, especially over white.

Which leads to something I hope to see soon.  It is a sad fact that we can’t see a full tampo print on these models, but it is what it is.  (Of course raising the price a tad might be the solution, but that is a topic for another day.)  But we do know that on a premium model there is a good chance we could see a nice 4-sided print.

That means we need to see this model in a premium Matchbox line.  Which means we need to give Mattel incentive to make another.  We have Best of the World coming out, and when it does, let’s buy those models.  The better they sell, the more we could compel Mattel to make more.  That could mean a premium M5, Skyline, Miata, and on and on.  I like that idea.

So when Best of the World comes out, buy the models!  This badass BMW is counting on it!

In the meantime, this beauty should be able to hold you over…

8 Replies to “First Look: 2016 Matchbox BMW M5 Police…”

  1. I like it. It would have been better if it had another realistic foreign livery though. Matchbox should take a page from Majorette and Siku and have various foreign liveries on their emergency vehicles.

  2. Got to admit that that BMW M5 cop car has a nice touch of white to it and other features but under the circumstances I may not see it or not see them for quite a while here in Canada which rather sucks.

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